The History Of Halloween

That time will soon be here and millions upon millions of children will celebrate Halloween. So what is this holiday and celebration all about? Is it simply fun, costumes, candy and children going from door to door? Or is there something else behind the holiday and celebration of Halloween? What is the History of Halloween?
As kids growing up, both I and my sister celebrated Halloween. Dressing up, the costumes, the trick or treat lanterns and yes, the candy was all a part of the celebration. It was fun and as with all children, we eagerly awaited that day.
Many years passed and when I became a Christian I did extensive studies online about Halloween and was quite shocked at what I found and read. I'm not going to go into details, other than to provide our readers with some links that will lead you to some informative sites about the history of Halloween like The Bible & Halloween. As Christian's and Christian parents, we must individually decide whether we should allow our children to participate in Halloween. Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

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