The Affects Of The News On Your Health

We all watch the news from time to time, and some make it a daily and evening part of their life. The news can be very informative, educational and keep you up to date on national and world events, from the weather to just about every other unfolding situation.
However can a daily and evening dose of the news have affects upon your health? I believe that it can because while there are happy news stories, there are a whole lot more depression news stories. In fact much of the news that we watch is depressing.
Personally, it would be so much nicer if there were balance with regards to the news and the stories they report on. But then again, if the new were more encouraging and reported on stories of encouragement and hope, most people wouldn't be glued to the news programs.

Let me encourage you to feed your inner man with something more fruitful than stories that sow depression.


viny said...

Hello, you have raised a very iteresting concern with regards to the leads to a healthy discusion....thanks


viny said...

hello Tracy,

Again its a pleasure to let you know that I have ordered your book "And The beat Goes On". I eagerly await its arrival.