Sometimes We Need To Return To The Basics

Many times as the seasons go by, we can get off course. We soon forget the very reasons, plans and purposes that were the seeds of something good and take on new grounds that we were never called to pioneer. I call that appetites gone wild and it can happen to the best of us. Other times our appetite and desires just out do us and draw us into other areas that we are not called to venture into or not yet strong enough to enter into.
I think this happens with church's too many times. They start off small very much like walking on a straight and narrow sidewalk only to eventually walk on a very broad path seeking growth. Well, growth is good, however if you grow to soon, too fast and don't put things into perspective along the way, that growth can bury you. I've often wondered in the scriptures where Jesus said "If a man have a hundred sheep", how that might apply to a Church or congregation of thousands. Why didn't Jesus say "If a man have 1,000 sheep or 2,000 sheep?".
My point being. Sometimes in the process and desire of growth the members can suffer. Sometimes in the process and desire for growth it's easy to neglect the very members that helped plant the whole situation and they start leaving. Personally, I'd rather have a one faithful member of 10 years, than flocks of new ones that just come and go. Besides what are the blessings when the sheep start scattering.
I love attending church, corporate worship and all the wonderful expressions that blossom at church. Yet I have never forgotten the gatherings that many of us attended in a home each and every Monday night. You see, those were very special times.
Blessings, in Christ
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