Church Membership

I'm sure that you've heard that term many times. Church membership. Sometimes I think that church membership becomes almost more important than being a member of the body of Christ. You might say, how so, as they are the same. Consider this. Church's have many aspects beyond members. There are rents, mortgages, building overheads, utility bills, insurance, payrolls and many other financial responsibilities that make up a church. Many times these responsibilities become almost overwhelming. Many times these financial responsibilities dictate situations and circumstances. Many times these financial responsibilities become the reason and need for more members. The sad part is that when these very financial matters and responsibilities that also make up church become overwhelming they create compromise and can lead a congregation down a road and path that God never called them into. You see, the body of Christ was never meant to be a business, nor be held in bondage to financial problems. The church is not meant to function in debt and always facing financial problems.
For God is not a God of bondage and we are called to be good stewards.
Blessings, in Christ
In His Glorious Name Ministries Online

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