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Title: God Squad in an Episode
of Mission Him-Possible the Distorted Mirror
By: Darlene Laney
Review Date: May 22, 2014
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

God Squad: Mission Him-Possible-The Distorted Mirror by Darlene Laney tells the story of six ordinary girls who do the extraordinary!  Mia, Sadie, Jade, Angel, Chris and Eve are just your average teenagers attending Carver Preparatory.  Then they get the call" to walk in the faith and hope offered in Jesus Christ.  These six make-up the God Squad.  Their mission: save the lost and help those who call out for help.  With help from the Holy Spirit and covered with the full armor of God, they set out in prayer power to accomplish the impossible.  Their target: an unlikely girl willing to do anything to be part of the "popular" group.  Filled with exciting real-life drama, Darlene Laney teaches young girls that they are anything but "unpopular" and popular in God's book, revealing their true worth and destiny in this exciting episode of the God Squad: Mission Him-Possible-The Distorted Mirror.

Developed for young girls, ages (8-15) this series offers teens and tweens alike a look into what the world teaches them about themselves versus what the Bible says they are.  Giving confidence, biblical instruction and encouragement, the author has developed this series as a way of teaching and encouraging godly behavior and a positive self-image.  Highly recommended for those looking for a wholesome way to teach, uplift and entertain their tween and teen girls, thus enabling a healthy self-esteem and image of themselves.

Learn more about the author and her books at her website, Darlene Laney

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Get your copy of Revealing the Truth About Angels and Demons at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, and at Barnes and Noble

Revealing the Truth About Angels and Demons (How God's Angels help us fight and win our battles against Satan) by author and pastor, Bright Kusinyala, presents the spiritual realm as two kingdoms.   The Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness are two realities.  There is a physical realm and an invisible spiritual realm.  Both were created by the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.  He has a plan for both and we are part of this plan, but our protection lies in our obedience and salvation in Him.  For He is the One that has overcome the world.  

With a fascinating, yet a simple approach, as a an evangelist and anointed minister of the Lord Jesus Christ, the author explains the reality of angels and demons within our midst, presenting knowledge on how one can call upon these angelic hosts for protection.  In this book one will learn the following: 

· The nature of the two different Kingdoms;
· The powerful victory and protection of the angelic and walking in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ;
· Learn discernment between the two kingdoms, angels and demons;
· Understand the anointing and the infilling of the Holy Spirit;
· Be able to decipher Satan's schemes;
· Learn how to walk in authority and power through the anointing.

From first hand experience, the author relates to unbelievers and believers alike the reality of millions of angels and demons working within the world.  This is a must read for all to understand the nature of both realms.  With incredible ease and truth of Scripture, one will find this book not only enlightening, but also a good tool in spreading the Gospel, bringing salvation and hope to all.  An amazing read!

As founder of Regeneration Ministries International, Bright Kusinyala, has been called since the tender age of twelve.  His ministry is increasing and multiplying in Africa and is being noticed by the signs and wonders that God is doing in the midst.  His services witness the operation of angels and the manifesting of demonic spirits, as Pastor Bright is being used mightily in this arena to bring deliverance and healing with the assistance God's angels for deliverance and healing and release from demonic oppression to many. He shares his knowledge of the spirit realm in his highly recommended book: Revealing the Truth About Angels and Demons.  Get your copy today! 

You may get your copy of Revealing the Truth About Angels and Demons at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

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The Battle of Eden - God’s Strategic Plan by Robert V. Fullerton

Christian Book News

Robert V. Fullerton, in his new book, God's Strategic Plan, sheds light on the amazing history of mankind through a biblical perspective - revealing the amazing destiny, identity and purpose planned for mankind, encouraging all to find their own purpose in God. 

Beginning with a look at the grandest battle of all – the war in Heaven mentioned in Genesis, the author presents a biblical overview of mankind's drama from Genesis to Revelation, ending in the climatic reality of the Cross and salvation, encouraging all to take part in God's Kingdom as Fishers of Men. Fascinating, uplifting and with keen insight, God's Strategic Plan, illuminates for all the past, present and future history of mankind, ultimately leading to God's counter attack and strategic plan for all of humanity. 

With such chapters as: The Origin of Strategic Planning, In the Beginning, Earth-the Battlefield, The Battle of Eden, God's Chosen People, The Creator Strikes Back, Enter the Dragon's Lair, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, The Slaying of the Dragon, The Triumph of the Lamb, "Follow Me and I will Make You Fisher's of Men, What's My destiny Mama?, and Finding Your destiny in God – all believers will find insight into their own destiny-filled purpose with God.  Offering immense hope and inspiration, the author presents practical scriptural application to finding one's true-identity in Christ within His Kingdom.  A highly recommended read!      

You may get your copy of God's Strategic Plan at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

Fabrice The Play Wright - The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I

A Must Read

The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I (What Love Cannot Do, Prayer Will Do) by Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna is a six-act play depicting a tragedy in one's man life – coercion, extortion and the like of one unfortunate man relocating to America to live a better life.  While this story may or not be true, the play unfolds as Mr. Fabrice is enticed by his long time friend to marry another, her best friend.  Threatened in his stature, Mr. Fabrice, only loves one woman, Ms. Angel.  As time untangles the web weaved for Mr. Fabrice, this unlikely story has an unlikely end.

With a modern day "Joseph" theme, this play has it all: lust, greed, selfish ambition versus love, honor and purity.  Engaging and dramatic, philosophical in nature, this play exhibits literary expertise in the drama we call life.  Intertwining biblical philosophies, the play ends with Proverbs 31, revealing what a true woman and wife of a husband and God is.  With many intriguing, thought-provoking thoughts and sayings, the playwright ends the play with a short historical background for the play as well.  Overall, a very interesting and twist filled read that captures the essence of the wisdom of Solomon.

Fascinating, this story tells of the evil that lurks behind the scenes in one man's life as he battles the unforeseen, the unknown, calling forth a righteousness in him that will never be forgotten.  A true hero's tale, revealing that "what love can't do, prayer will do."  A highly recommended play.

You can get your copy of 
The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble, in NOOK Book and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit the author at Fabrice The Play Wright.

Be sure to see 
The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I by Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna at YouTube.

Title: The Evil Behind the Law, Volume I
By: Tchinda Fabrice Mbuna
ISBN#: 978-1630636876
Review Date: May 17, 2014
A CBM Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

The Importance of Forgiveness, Faith, Crucifying the Flesh - Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul

Title: Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul
By: Dr. Joe Judkins
Review Date: May 19, 2014
A CBM Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul by Dr. Joe Judkins merges seven books into one, offering his own spiritual journey and golden nuggets from the Word of God that speak truth, leading others to eternal life and belief in Almighty God.  With honesty, openness and wisdom, the author constructs a book that speaks of the world, man in relation to eternity, giving much scripture, teaching and exhortation to help individuals find the path of salvation is only in Jesus Christ.  Revealing, intriguing and thought-provoking dialogue open the book to scriptural analysis that is easy to understand as the author explains the way of the Kingdom in this compilation of his own spiritual discovery.  With firm biblical perspective, the author writes in hopes of leading all to knowledge and belief in Jesus Christ. 

This book offers one a broad spectrum approach to what Christianity is, what being born again is, the question of religion, salvation, eternity and Heaven, with scriptural analysis of the many, many questions one might have.  One will find analysis on 10 reasons why you exist, salvation, and foundational doctrines from Genesis to Revelation that include the making of man in God's image to discussion of the last day events.  From there the author delves into a section on husbands love your wives and continues with a biblical perspective of devils, demons, angels and the spiritual realm.  Such teachings disclose the importance of forgiveness, faith, crucifying the flesh, judgment and so much more.  A great deal of information is given, all biblically supported by scripture, unveiling man as a spirit, Jesus Christ as the Messiah and King that is soon to come, giving one a firm understanding of salvation in Jesus Christ. 

After reading this book, one will understand if in fact they will go to Heaven.  Unbelievers, skeptics, critics and atheists alike are invited to take a peak into this book and make a decision-not based upon opinion, doctrine or theology, but only upon the inherent, infallible Word of God.  The book reveals that there is only one God, Jesus Christ and that one day He will not only judge all, but rule all.  An amazing and highly recommended read.

You may get your copy of Nuggets of Gold to Feed the Soul at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit the author at Ok My Lord for lots of great information and ministry.

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Faith, Hope, Suspense and Romance - Nona Mae King's Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed

A fast-paced novel by Nona Mae King unveiling true love and offering faith in the impossible, giving hope for a bright future.

Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed book 1 by novelist and award winning author, Nona Mae King, brings faith, hope, suspense and romance to the heroing tale of Sara Little.  Set in 1892, Sara's heritage begins with the poor working class of London.  With little hope for a better life, Sara finds favor with handsome widower Christopher Lake.  Recently widowed, Lake mourns his beloved wife; he swears allegiance to his wife and her last request - provide for Sara and elevate her place into society's elite.  Upon such an undertaking, Christopher discovers that Sara has an amazing artistic talent, worthy of the finest patronage.  Coaxing her out of her own familiarity, her new benefactor, has arranged for Sara's masterpieces to be displayed among the wealthy aristocratic society.  Not accustomed to this, Sara's shyness leads to Sara insisting on remaining anonymous amongst these socialite events.  Christopher quickly comes to realize that perhaps he has taken on more than he had anticipated.  And Sara, battles not only her place in society, but a love that has begun to bud for her benefactor, yet is she worthy of him? 

This new love, set in the romantic gestures of the past, may or may not survive...is Sara worthy?  Will society let their pure love flourish? 

Take a journey into the past, to a discovery that all endings have new beginnings. Even for the most common of subjects -Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed - a time of innocence, leading to a blessed life.  

You may get your copy of Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Nook Book and at other fine online bookstores. You may visit Author Nona King at her website, Angel Breath Books where you will find further information about the author and her books.

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Author Book News - The Azra’s Pith Series ~ Books, 1, 2 & 3

9.9 out of 10.0 stars - CBM

~ Alexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit (Azra's Pith)

Left alone, young Alexander's parents seem too busy to even care what the young boy is doing.  Many secrets unknown, his father's quietness, his mother's absence, all prodding the young boy to wonder about his family.  A stay at his grandmother's cottage turns into a wonderfully magical adventure as he discovers a secret passageway, with the help of a mysterious key and map in hand, Alexander sets off on an adventure of lifetime to discovering his family's heritage. 

The Return of General Drake (Azra's Pith)

 A sequel in the Azra's Pith Series, the adventure continues as young Alexander is put under a curse, sending him on a quest through a dangerous journey through the mountainous region of Verhonia.  With runaways, a hungry wolf and a mysterious empyrean wizard, Alexander faces many dangers that only faith and a little magic, along with the help of his father, can help save him.

~ The Butterfly Curse (Azra's Pith) 

Azra's Pith is calm and peaceful.  Alexander has found true love with Sarah.  His days of quietness and peace are soon to come to an abrupt end with the appearance of the evil sorcerer, Imperius.  Facing his fears, overcoming the impossible, Alexander has to find Sarah and face Imperius once and for all.  With faith and the Butterfly Curse, there is hope.  

Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows loves creating magical journeys for younger readers that fosters self-love and the discovery of looking within and living purposefully.  Between being a mother, wife and busy writer, her novels are dedicated to wholesome adventures that capture the imagination of children of all ages.  The Azra Pith Series will certainly entertain even the pickiest, non-reader out there.  

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Putting Cancer Behind You - Slam the Door on Cancer…And Lock It Out of Your Life

Jacquie Woodward releases Slam the Door on Cancer…And Lock It Out of Your Life.  This new book release reveals an interactive miracle that took place within the author's life after receiving the life threatening diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  As a wife, mother, and grandmother, she was just not finished yet, wanting to leave more of a legacy.  Within this, she was shocked not only by the diagnosis, but the very little encouragement offered to her by doctors. 

This is her amazing testimony and recovery, as she was told, "Sorry about your luck. We have nothing for you." And a physician friend said, "If you get through this, you will have to be your own doctor."    

The author proudly states, "Well, I did put cancer behind me; and doctors shake their heads and report, 'no evidence of recurrent or residual disease.' "  I share my story in the book to encourage others.  I share the enormous amount of research I did.  I share how a dormant Christian (me) learned to tune into God and realize the particular "connect the dots" interactive miracle He had for me."

As the author states, "There is no reason for the Body of Christ to succumb to cancer which is the Goliath of "dis-ease."  'Five smooth stones and intimacy with THE Living God,' is sufficient for us as for David-- when we realize the PRACTICAL power Jesus restored to us.  Find victory in His Word, His truth and find that you can, "Slam the Door on Cancer."  A true testimony to the healing power of Jesus Christ!

For more information about the author visit Slam The Door On Cancer and Real Health Hope for some great ministry, love, hope and encouragement. 

Get your copy of Slam the Door on Cancer…And Lock It Out of Your Life at Amazon.

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Get your copy of A Jane Austen Encounter by Donna Fletcher Crow at Fine Online Bookstores Everywhere

New Book Release

A Jane Austen Encounter - An Elizabeth and Richard Mystery (Volume 3) by award-winning novelist, Donna Fletcher Crow, offers an entrancing journey through the world of Jane Austen. Intriguing suspense is intertwined with a journey through the English countryside as English professors Elizabeth and Richard Spenser follow the Jane Austen Trail from the elegant city of Bath to the charming cottage in Chawton where her writing flourished. But evil lurks behind the scenes as a valuable letter disappears and one of their party is found dead. This enthralling story will captivate those new to Jane Austen's world and avid Janeites alike.

Be sure to visit the author at her website Donna Fletcher Crow. You may also get your copy of Jane Austen Encounter at Amazon, in Kindle, at Barnes and Noble, and in NOOK Book.

Available At Amazon - God’s Special Forces by Darlene Laney

God's Special Forces
A Manual for Becoming A Young Woman of Quality
ISBN#: 978-1612441269
Review Date: May 9, 2014
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

God's Special Forces-A Manual for Becoming a Young Woman of Quality (Transformed Through Renewed Minds) by educator and evangelist, Darlene Laney, is a eleven part biblically-based program designed to enhance, nurture and affirm young women (ages 8-14) and mold them into the Mighty women of God that they were created to be.  Enhancing self-esteem, teaching proper etiquette and developing social skills, along with teaching who they are in Christ, the author highlights how valued and precious women are to the Lord.  This is where the study begins.  But it doesn't stop there!  Challenging the girls to "take off the old and put on the new," young women will learn to renew their minds through the Word, fostering a transformed attitude of themselves as women, and enables young girls to discover their true identity, renewed strength and purpose in the Lord.   

Girls that have gone through the series have learned to love who they are, understanding that beauty is not just from the outside, and fully embrace being unique, as God created only one of them to do the incredible work He has predestined for them.  This is far more than a handbook on how to like yourself.  This is a program that offers the truth of God's Word as a firm foundation to stand upon – transforming and renewing minds!  This study comes highly recommended as a wonderful, uplifting and confidence building biblical foundation that is recommended for all young girls (ages 8-14) within any church environment. Color it, personalize it throughout, this book was created for you to design this masterpiece along with mom, friends or within a group setting that is fun, energetic and age appropriate for tweens, teens and young girls! 

You may get your copy of God's Special Forces at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Be sure to visit the author at Darlene Laney for some great ministry, lots of love, hope and encouragement.

Come and learn how free will intertwines with the grace of God and eternity

For Immediate Release
CBM Christian Author Press Release

Transforming lives for Eternity! 

Coming Soon – New book release: The Choice is Yours: Revolutionary Revelations by Danson E. Ubebe offers to all the definition and knowledge of the grace of God.   Dispelling common misinterpretations of scriptures relating to the grace of God, Ubebe, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, reveals to readers shocking revelations that explain and shed light on the unfathomable grace of God from a biblical viewpoint in respect to eternal faith.  This knowledge of eternity gives mankind a choice.  He explains this choice of eternity concisely, offering an understanding of how to evaluate your personal standing with God, making way for the Kingdom of God to manifest in your life.  Challenging and thought provoking, the author highlights biblical truths in reference to eternal faith, the prosperity of man and the reiteration that man was appointed to die only once.  Come and learn how free will intertwines with the grace of God and eternity, offering to all that would seek the Kingdom of God's righteousness eternal life forevermore! 

Danson E. Ubebe was a Shell engineer of over 33 years; now retired, he currently spends his time writing Christian books under the inspiration and unction of the Holy Spirit, spending countless hours being taught and led by the Holy Spirit, who is known as, "The Teacher."  His newest release reveals long misunderstood scriptures that will intrigue, engage and challenge readers to evaluate their own lives in light of free will, eternity and the grace of God offered to all.  The author offers clarity to these misinterpreted truths and the reality of the grace of God by poignantly examining mankind before Jesus Christ, compared to after His death, burial and resurrection, giving understanding to the true inner man of mankind: in that all humans are spirit, soul and body - a very uplifting, informative and biblical read for those that desire an understanding of God, eternity and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Available May 28, 2014 - To understand your choice, pick up your copy of The Choice is Yours at Amazon or at Troubador Books.


Experience RESTORE by Joel Posner - Get it at such outlets as CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores


Joel Posner releases Restore – A new Christian worship album proclaiming God's restoration life that is offered to all.  As a New York native, transplanted to Southern California, Joel is a lead guitarist for Restoration Life Christian Church located in Lawndale, CA.  His worship style is unique, in the past playing among secular and non-secular bands previously in New York.  Recently participating on the Today Show, his inspiration is led by a love of Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  As a songwriter and affiliate of the ASCAP, Joel's music has been influenced by a wide variety of musical genres.   

This first solo release, Restore, first released on October 1st, 2013  is available online through outlets such as CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores.  

Joel states, "Without God life just is and has no real meaning, purpose, logical direction or conclusion. Our walk with God and the Lord Jesus can at times be a rocky, twisted and sometimes doubling back course. Ultimately I am moving forward and hopefully you are too. I hope that at least one of my songs will be a blessing to you and will help to propel you forward on your journey and walk with or towards God." 

~ God wants to restore you to New Life!  Experience RESTORE by Joel Posner at Amazon, at CD BabyITunes and other online music outlets. Be sure to visit Joel at Facebook.

Available In Kindle - Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results

Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results by Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu shares biblical insights, promoting God-given destiny to each unique person.  Discover that we serve a God of the Resurrection that has the capability to bring life to your circumstances, despite past failures and shortcomings; God can make a way where there is no way.  As the author illuminates, He is the God of Resurrection, and has created your destiny before the foundation of the world.  Learn to tap into this destiny by understanding key biblical characters such as:  Deborah, Ehud, Jael, Esther, Mary Magdalene, Jarius and much, much more.  Presenting the "secrets to time-tested success," the author offers hope amidst great adversity and encourages all that they are highly valued, worthy and overcomers through Jesus Christ. 

With keen biblical insight and relevance to modern-day challenges, the author unveils the exceptional courage and faith these biblical characters represent.  Sharing the "time-tested secrets to success," the author gives understanding to life challenges that produce an overcoming spirit through adversity, offering immense hope in times of despair.  Through this fascinating read, one will discover the keys to unlocking God-inspired destiny in Christ that will enable each "unique" individual to impact the world with positive change.  A highly recommended must-read! 

Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu
Review Date: April 7, 2014
A CBM Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Unique at Amazon or in Kindle Edition

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