Heaven and Hell is not a myth - Come discover what the Bible has to say about both

The Saving of a Soul called, The Hereafter by Larry Jones sheds light on Eternity and asks, "Where will you spend your Eternity?"  Offering the truth from the Bible, Jones gives understanding to what the Bible has to say about salvation, the End Times, leading up to the coming Judgment as defined in Hebrews 9:27 and much, much more.  Death is inevitable –  as the author notes. But did you know that there is a very real place called Hell and that Heaven is not a myth?  Come discover what the Bible has to say about both and make a decision today for Jesus Christ today.

As an apostle and prophet, Larry Jones is, "Planting the Word of God for eternal and true abundant life into believer's hearts."  His mission, as a visionary leader, is to tear down, root out, pull down and destroy the kingdoms of darkness.  He is the founder of the True Church of the Lord Jesus Christ: A Voice in the Wilderness Ministries who are planting 49 mega churches, and a 10,000 seat auditorium to surround this nation with the Glory of God.  God has also given Larry another vision to create another TBN/DayStar.  Ministering to the world the eternal Word of God.  Jones is also multi-published author, seeking to ignite passion for Jesus.

Get your copy of The Saving of a Soul called, The Hereafter at Amazon, and in Kindle Edition.. You may also visit Author Larry Jones at Christian Reading, at Save My Soul Lord and at Change Your World by Thought.

Be sure to see Pastor Larry Jones at The Sherry Bronson Show for further information and some great ministry.

Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever - Christian author Larry Jones

Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever: Clear Path to Success by Larry Jones reverberates CHANGE.  Bold, outspoken and powerful, the author exclaims, "It is not what you think, but how you think what you think."  As an Entrepreneur for Christ, author, speaker, teacher and life coach, Jones does not dispute eternal salvation in Jesus Christ, yet highlights from years of Bible study that you are what you think!  Giving his own experience and presenting a proven biblical pathway to success, the author notes Proverbs, "For as he thinketh in his heart so is he," shedding light on the "Laws of the Universe," that govern the physical world.  Intriguing and inspiring, the author writes, "Your life is only a mirrored image of your thinking."  Your own thoughts and inner life, as the book notes, play a huge role in developing who you are, where you are at in your life - producing good or bad outcomes.  Discover that thoughts are like seeds (without a physical form) that either produce life or death in your life.  From a firm biblical perspective, author Larry Jones gives proven biblical principles that will transform your life!  Get out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary with this exciting book that will reinvent your life - FOREVER.  

Be sure to visit author Larry Jones at Christian Reading or at Change Your World by Thought. You may get your copy of Five Steps to Reinvent Your Life Forever in Kindle Edition.

Get your copy of Moving Your Mountains with Faith at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, or at Barnes and Noble

Title: Moving Your Mountains with Faith
By: Penny Mungoshi
ISBN: 978-1496023322
Review Date: April 21, 2014
A CBM Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

Moving Your Mountains with Faith by Penny Mungoshi describes a powerful faith journey through Scripture that contains key principles and life-changing messages that will transform your life, giving hope to move those mountains in life that stand in the way of God's promises. 

Relying on the Word of God as the infallible truth, the author describes the process of overcoming in faith to victory.  Covering such aspects such as standing in faith, perseverance, unbelief and the power of the tongue, the author has written a powerful testimony to the power of faith.  Within the pages are keys to living in the truth of the Word of God, thereby moving your mountains through faith.  Encouraging, insightful and uplifting, this book offers practical application as to how to apply faith in every aspect of life.

With such chapters as: The Key to God's Heart, Who is God, The Continuous Life of Victory and Success in Jesus Christ, The Name of Jesus Christ Combined with the Word of God, Your Thought Process and the Power of Your Word, Spiritual Upbringing, Religion is Not for You, Meditation, Jesus is the Healer in All Things, Shine So Bright, You are an Overcomer and much more, this read offers a journey of faith in discovering who God is, what real biblical faith is and gives the readers the tools and scripture to overcome through adversity. 

Simply stated, the author has written an easy and fast-paced read, encompassing a message of hope, faith and victory in standing on the Holy Scriptures and the Rock of Jesus Christ as the answer to every situation, trial and storm of life.  These key principles offer the way to living victoriously through Christ and His Word.  Written to encourage the body of Christ in such a time as this, this book comes highly recommended and is a must-read for new and mature believers alike!

You can get your copy of Moving Your Mountains with Faith at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.. Be sure to visit the author at Penny Mungoshi or at her Amazon page.

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Grace, Eternity and Salvation - Return to God by Danson E. Ubebe

Title: Return To God
By: Danson E. Ubebe
ISBN# 978-1780884820
Review Date: March 20, 2014
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0

Return to God by Danson E. Ubebe takes the reader on a journey through the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation offering a biblical study of the Word of God revealing the truth of the Gospel of grace.  He speaks of the Mosaic covenant versus the Gospel of grace wherein man is saved only through faith in Jesus Christ.  Man cannot earn his salvation; we are all saved by grace.  Comprehensive in nature, this book presents to readers a concise teaching through scriptural references throughout the book that make for an interesting, yet biblical perspective on the state of mankind without the absolute assurance of eternal life through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Danson Ubebe offers the only answer to the human race – Return to God and obedience to His Word.  Insightful and inspiring!

By displaying man's state without the saving knowledge of Christ, Ubebe powerfully explains through much scriptural application and interpretation what Christ meant when He said, "believe" explaining concisely who is born again.  The author also sheds light on widely accepted teaching theories on tithing, fasting, seed sowing, who of the spirit, soul and body as the real man, all revealing biblical truth that differs from the commonly misinterpreted teachings.  Offering a fascinating study on the plight of man without the grace of God, Ubebe speaks on grace, eternity and salvation. 

Highly recommended for the new believer, this book gives a firm foundation from Scripture on the Gospel of grace.  Written to give glory to God, not to man, one will better understand their position and identity on Earth and beyond by shedding light on eternity for all souls.  Inspiring and encouraging, this book ignites passion for Christ and offers a true biblical understanding of why Jesus Christ died on a Cross for all of mankind.  Reading this book will inspire a revolutionary perspective, offering faith and hope to all.    

For more information about author Danson E. Ubebe  and his books, visit Christ The Lord Reign. You can get your copy of Return to God at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at Troubador Books.

A Highly Recommended Daily Devotional - Revival Hallelujah!

Revival Hallelujah!

This is a mist read book! Get your copy today.

Revival Hallelujah! (From the Shoulder) by Paul Juby presents a powerful collection of short poems designed to awaken churches, pastors, unbelievers, doubting Thomas' and the like through the revival power of the Holy Spirit.  Derived from many years of studying the Bible, the author has put together a lifetime of poems and dialogue that intertwine biblical principles with vast life experiences, presenting encouragement and fuel for revival.  As the author exclaims, "Hallelujah!  The Lamb has overcome!"  

Captivating, these short poems utilize the power of dualism (comparing one object to another) that encompass the many facets of the Christian walk offering a biblical perspective, but most importantly highlighting the importance of the Word, worship and salvation.  Poignantly posing the million-dollar question, "Where will you spend your Eternity?" and "Do you know Jesus Christ?" this read comes highly recommended for those caught on the fence, entrenched in daily life and those who don't believe at all. 

Paul Juby invites all to consider an introspective view of their own lives, as well as considering their God-given purpose, identity and destiny while on Earth and beyond the grave.  Formatted as a daily devotional, this book is designed for quick access and easy reading wherever you are. Revival Hallelujah is one of those books to keep several copies of handy in the car to hand out as a blessing to others!  A highly recommended daily devotional.

Get your copy of Revival Hallelujah at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and in NOOK Book.

By: Paul Juby
Review Date: December 3, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out 10.0 stars

Christian Book News - Jesus: The Final Journey by Robert E. Macklin


A unique, up-close and personal look at Jesus during His last year on earth by an actor who has portrayed Him over 300 times in his play.  This momentous  year  begins with the feeding of the "5000" and concludes with His Resurrection.

Gain insight into His mind-set and discover, for the first time, the reasons for Jesus' actions during those turbulent years... a "whydunit". Involve yourself dramatically in this historical journey. Enjoy the woodcuts of Albrecht Durer.

Here's what some readers had to say in their five star Amazon rating:

  • "At times I felt I was walking alongside him"  Martin Roth
  • "Without hesitation, I can say I got more out of this book (on Christianity) than any others"  Joe Sites
  • "..has made His story more vivid to me"  Patrick M. Brian
  • "..a book to keep on one's bedside to read and reread.." Marie Foss "avid book reader"
  • "This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the foundations of Christianity" Frank E. Sissons   
You may get your copy of Jesus: The Final Journey at Amazon, in Kindle EditionBarnes and Noble and in Nook Book. You may find out more information about the author and his book at Jesus: The Final Journey. Robert's book is also available at Smashwords.

What William Waldo discovered changed his mind forever: Dreams of the Thinker

Christian Reading ...

Dreams of the Thinker by William Waldo tells the life-changing journey of a college philosophy professor and his conversion from an atheist to a believer in Jesus Christ.  At first he sought to prove the Bible wrong.  But in fact, he was unable to do so and found out that the Bible has more fulfilled prophecy that is accurate 100% of the time.   This finding led him to begin to seek truth. 

Unveiling a series of dreams the “Thinker” receives, the status of mankind is revealed through Genesis to Revelation.  Readers will learn about creation, corruption of mankind, the world flood, confusion at the Tower of Babel, the birth of Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, as well as the prophetic End Times tribulation judgments and the consummation of mankind to his Creator as revealed by the Apostle John. 

What he discovered changed his mind forever; he just could not disprove the Bible, nor ignore its truth, but chose to live knowing that man was appointed to die only once…after that there is Eternity and a choice…He tells his story, presents his unbelief, and describes how a hard-core thinker and unbeliever came to understanding the Bible and salvation. 

An unbelievable journey to faith told by the fiercest of skeptics, the book asks this poignant question: When Jesus returns to Earth will you be left behind to endure the trials of the Tribulation or will you be among His Church who is saved from such wrath?  

You may get your copy of Dreams of the Thinker at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at Barnes and Noble.  

An amazing, must-read by James W. Goll for the entire body of Christ!

Get Your Copy at Amazon and in Kindle Today.

Internationally recognized prophet, James W. Goll, releases - Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles - unveiling a lifestyle that emulates the character of Jesus; Goll writes to new and mature believers alike, inspiring all to live a supernatural life. 

His book describes living as Jesus did, through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit.  Learn how to access the power of the Holy Spirit that demonstrates the Kingdom with confirmations through signs and wonders. Oftentimes, discouragement arises through the lack of healings and the miraculous within the Christian arena.  As a prolific and prophetically gifted author, speaker and instructor, James W. Goll, presents much-need biblical insight and guidance to the body of Christ on how to approach signs and wonders: revealing that expecting and experiencing signs and wonders can be a reality through the power of the Holy Spirit.  An amazing, must-read for the entire body of Christ! 

James W. Goll is a forerunner for God with experience in the prophetic arena for over forty years.  His ministries, Encounters Network, span the globe as he teaches, imparts and encourages unity in the body of Christ through life living in alignment with the Holy Spirit of God.  This book is highly recommended for new and mature believers who want to see signs and wonders in their own lives and the lives of others around them.  As a multi-published author and speaker, James W. Goll has over 20 books in print.  Readers will significantly benefit from Goll’s teaching and expertise in the arena of the intercession, prayer and the prophetic.  

Endorsed by Randy Clark, Founder and President, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGW) - I have known James Goll for about a quarter of a century, having had him speak at many prophetic conferences for me over the years. He is a great communicator and his books have always been well written and well researched. His writing on the supernatural is both informative and inspirational. His new book, Living a Supernatural Life, is a great book—one that should be added to the library of those interested in progressing in the life of a Christian who pursues the presence of God.

For more information about the author, his books and some life changing ministry please visit Encounters Network. You may also get your copy of Living a Supernatural Life: The Secret to Experiencing a Life of Miracles at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.

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Are You Going to Heaven - The Sure Way to Him by Craig T. Feigh

How You Can Know

The Sure Way to Him by Craig T. Feigh clears the confusion of ones’ eternal salvation by giving a solid Biblical foundation by the use of the acronym S.U.R.E.  Created as an accurate Bible study, this instructional study guide presents an easy-to-read format that answers all questions pertaining to whether one is going to Heaven or not as advised in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to test one’s faith.  The author presents the readers with specific tools for memory that help the readers to understand different teachings of the Bible while writing a easy to understand guide to help one incorporate the Word of God and intimacy with God into their daily lives as well.  These easy to remember and easy to use practical applications will help one to make wise choices based on the Word of God.  The author also encourages and displays throughout his book that God’s love is unconditional, giving readers a deeper knowledge of how to gain daily guidance and intimacy with God.  Reassurance is offered to those that question their salvation with a brilliant application of the tools, acronyms and statistics presented.  After reading this book one cannot deny that man was appointed to die once and that whether you believe or not in Jesus Christ, there is an eternal destiny awaiting each person – make sure you are on your way to Him. 

Title: The Sure Way to Him
By: Craig T. Feigh
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Wonderfully encouraging and inspiring The Sure Way to Him displays the firm foundation that God’s love endures forever and truly we as believers have been given the right to become God’s children - whether or not we obey is our choice.  Feigh as a father himself speaks candidly while urging all to come into agreement and obedience with the Word of God that will produce good fruit in all areas of life.  A highly recommended read for the unbeliever and new and mature believers alike.

Get your copy of The Sure Way to Him at Amazon. Be sure to visit the author at Craig T. Feigh for more information and book orders.

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Get It At Amazon and in Kindle Edition - Dead Dreams

Emma Right's Dead Dreams 

Eighteen-year-old Brie O’Mara has so much going for her: a loving family in the sidelines, an heiress for a roommate, and dreams that might just come true. Big dreams--of going to acting school, finishing college and making a name for herself. She is about to be the envy of everyone she knew. What more could she hope for? Except her dreams are about to lead her down the road to nightmares. Nightmares that could turn into a deadly reality. Dead Dreams, Book 1, a young contemporary adult psychological thriller and mystery.

Emma Right’s Dead Dreams - 
Take advantage of the special that Emma is offering for her new book release Dead Dreams. Get your copy Kindle Edition

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #9 Free in Kindle Store
#1 in Kindle Store,  Kindle eBooks,  Literature & Fiction,  Religious & Inspirational Fiction,  Christian Suspense #1 in Kindle Store,  Kindle eBooks,  Teen & Young Adult

Dread Dreams is also available in paperback at Amazon.

PR - Available at Amazon, in Kindle Edition at Barnes & Noble and in Nook Book - Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe


New children’s book demystifies school violence

‘Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe’ teaches children how to prevent, report school violence

DENVER, Colo. – According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there were 31 school-associated deaths from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. Author, former middle school counselor and first responder at the 1999 Columbine shootings Julie Federico believes that the key to preventing school violence isn’t just in the parents and teachers, but the students.

In Federico’s new book, “Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe: A Student/Teacher's Guide To School Safety and Violence Prevention” she presents school violence prevention in a manner that aims to reach children grades three through eight.

Due to her experience with the Columbine shootings, Federico knows firsthand the effect that school violence can have on students and family members. Using her experience and background in psychology and counseling, Federico portrays violence in schools through the perspective of a child in her new book. She hopes this perspective will make her book not only relatable for young readers, but also of use to elementary teachers and parents alike.

“Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe” presents numerous scenarios, showing young readers what is normal and acceptable at school and what is not. Federico hopes her book will help instill a sense of duty and power in children, as she says in her book, “Reporting possible harm does not make you a tattletale, it makes you a hero.”

“Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe”
By Julie Federico
Softcover | 8.5 x 11 in | 28 pages | ISBN 9781490821016
E-Book | ISBN 9781490821023
Available at Westbow Press

About the Author
Julie Federico was a middle school counselor for 14 years before beginning her career as a writer. She has a master’s in counseling and educational psychology and was a first responder to the Columbine shootings in 1999. Her books “The Bad Guys” and “Students Can Help Keep Schools Safe” are dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook School shootings in Newtown, CT.

EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact:
Tel: 1-866-928-1240
Fax: 812-961-3133

Available at Amazon, in Kindle Edition at Barnes & Noble and in Nook Book.


A Book That Will Bless You Abundantly - Trials and Triumphs

Trials and Triumphs - Forty true stories lie naked on the pages of this book like an open wound, pounding and pulsing to the rhythm of forty heartbeats. The words themselves may bleed and spill over with each turn of the page. Though limbs have been severed, lives have been changed, all to the glory of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. 

When God told Noah He was going to make it rain for forty days and forty nights, Noah didn’t build the ark with comfort in mind. Noah’s goal was to be confident it would weather the storm. Nor did the forty people, who tell their stories in this book, have comfort in mind when they built their lives around Christ. This is exactly why they, like Noah, keep their faith in spite of torrential downpours. Jesus doesn’t remove the disturbances; He is the shelter in the meanwhile. Available at Faithwriters and other fine online bookstores

A New Christian Novel Release - An Invisible Hand by Kathy Golden

An Invisible Hand by Kathy Golden tells of healings that begin to take place in Belinda Johnson’s life.  Unaccustomed to these miraculous occurrences, Belinda soon finds herself at odds with some of the circumstances regarding the phenomenon, and she struggles to understand her “gift.” By her own admission, she prefers an uncomplicated life, but her life is further complicated by a new romantic relationship.

With uplifting miracles and a thought-provoking perspective, readers will find this novel to be well-written and with a cast of characters that are easily identifiable – just like people you know. They could be your next-door neighbor or your co-worker.  Journey with author Kathy Golden as she opens the door to the miraculous in An Invisible Hand.

Kathy Golden has studied creative writing at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. She also evaluates manuscripts before the publishing process, offering reviews and critiques before printing.  In addition to writing both fiction and non-fiction, she enjoys composing and recording Christian music and listening to audiobooks.

An Invisible Hand will be available at online retailers on May 14, 2014.  Visit An Invisible Hand by Kathy Golden to read an excerpt and sign up for updates. You mat get your copy of An Invisible Hand at Amazon.

Christian Books - Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu releases, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results

Divinely Inspired and Filled with Encouragement!

Author Oluwasanmi Aladeyelu releases, Unique: Winning with Extraordinary Results. This exciting new release reveals the secret inner strengths and characters of biblical characters, such as: Deborah, Ehud, Jael, Esther, Mary Magdalene, Jarius and much, much more.  In exposing their trials and triumphs, the author gives an in-depth view of the teachings we can glean that will catapult believers into their destiny and their unique God-given purpose in life.  Filled with captivating scripture and wisdom, the author presents firm biblical insight that never before has been given about each character, thus illuminating their process to becoming an overcomer and champion for God.  Relevant, these principles and attitudes have stood the test of time and are written in the Bible as our examples, bringing encouragement and instruction through any life-circumstance. 

Become a life-changer and transformer with Unique and overcome your greatest obstacles, learning from the Master Teacher, God Himself with these ordained teachings offering the amazing endurance of the mighty men and women of God that persevered with hope, trust and faith in the face of great adversity.  

Come and learn the Kingdom principles that can give each one of you the encouragement, inspiration and fortitude to carry on--Don’t miss this fantastic and divinely inspired book that will change your life-producing Extraordinary Results-with an all-powerful God!

You may get your copy of Unique at Amazon or in Kindle Edition

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What Does The Bible Say About Childish Things

God teaches simple truths through the Bible stories we learned as children. That which is common breeds complacency. As a result, many adult Christians, even those raised in the church, take for granted the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Noah and Jonah. Over time, these Bible heroes become icons, pale caricatures of the real persons upon whom our Father relied to shine His Light into our world. Their lives reach almost mythical status, leading us to miss the inner struggles they most assuredly experienced when God called.

Put Away Childish Things is written for adult Christians who seek deeper insight into familiar scripture they have heard or read for decades. A careful look between the verses allows us to see these beloved Bible characters through their unspoken thoughts, revealing men and women who struggled with the same insecurities and fears as we do when called by God to step out of our comfort zones in faith. Read about them in a new light as they move from a point of personal crisis, through inner conflict, to be used by God in mighty ways. How like us they were and how like them we should pray to be. Each character's life illustrations dynamic traits of Christian living.

You can get your copy of Put Away Childish Things at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit the author at Dr. Kirk Lewis.

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