An Amazingly Fantastic Adventure Series for Young Adults! - Rancid (The Trap Series) Volume 2

Multi-published author, Vicki V. Lucas, releases the long awaited sequel to Toxic --  Rancid.  As a fantasy fiction writer, the author has developed a series for young adults with a passion for adventure  – turning the impossible into possible through finding one's faith in Jesus Christ.  Her writings are filled with adventure, danger, and exhilarating sword fights.  Not for the faint at heart, Toxic and Rancid begin as a fast paced thrill ride to the fictional land of Eltiria.

Rancid (The Trap Series) Volume 2, published in November 2013, gives readers a glimpse of what life is like for the Kai, Taryn and Lizzy.  While the toxic water has been purified, they face new dangers, and treachery comes from the most unlikely places.  This adventure series is recommended for those that desire to find new beginnings when all seems lost.  Most importantly, trusting God in the midst of chaos and destruction will be the only hope we all have in this world. 

In Toxic, Vicki V. Lucas encourages readers to hold on to their seats as Kai, Taryn and Lizzy set out on a mystical journey on a winged horse to discover the source of the poison that is infiltrating the water in the land of Eltiria, threatening all with destruction.  With tales of huge, menacing monsters, their worries have just begun, as they will not stop to save their people from annihilation. Toxic and Rancid will challenge one's beliefs and are based on finding one's faith in Jesus Christ in a dark world.  

For more information, visit Vicki V. Lucas. You may get your copy of Rancid (The Trap Series) at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. You may also get your copy of Toxic at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

You may also find Vicki at FacebookTwitterand Goodreads.

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Christian Books in the News - Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lessons 1-2-3 by Tatiana Bandurina

Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lessons 1-2-3 by Tatiana Bandurina teaches music theory with a series developed for young children and is part of a 10 lesson series created for children.  With  magical tales, colorful illustrations and a musical puppy, the author has created a simple 1-2-3 lesson for beginners that will thrill and delight your child as they learn stories of a staff, a treble clef and the line note.  As a multi-published author of music lessons for kids and as an Academy Music Director for over 35 years, Tatiana Bandurina, helps children remember music theory like never before!!   

Created from her years of experience as a music director and teacher, Tatiana Bandurina, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Music and Pedagogy from the Donetsk State Music Academy in the Ukraine.  As a music teacher and director, her pedagogical career has spanned well over 35 years.  Now residing in Canada, the author has made it easy to learn music: as easy as 1-2-3 for young beginners - giving the little ones a fun and fantastic way to learn the fundamentals of music theory while having fun at the same time!  Highly recommended for young children that have little or no experience with music. 

For more information visit the author at Little Music Lessons For Kids. You may get your copy of Little Music Lessons for Kids: Lessons 1-2-3 at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit Tatiana Bandurina's Authors Page at Amazon where you can find information about all of her books. You will be blessed.

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The history of the Pioneer days in the Michigan Territory during the war of 1812 - Dead Eye Will

Title: Dead Eye Will
By: R. Frederick Riddle
Review Date: December 20, 2013
A Christian Book Review 
9.8  Out of 10.0 stars

Dead Eye Will by Christian author, R. Frederick Riddle, captures the history of the Pioneer days in the Michigan Territory during the war of 1812.  Although fictional, this novel is historically accurate and speaks of a past American hero by the name of William Riddle who served his country bravely in battle against the British and continued on as a special agent for Governor William Cass.  Rich with historical detail, the author relates accurately the geography, times and culture of the war of 1812, sharing the adventure of William Riddle and his two older brothers who have signed up in the Army to fight against the British.  A rich and endearing tale of war, faith, adventure, romance and danger that is sure to satisfy those with a taste for the Old Pioneer days.

Fascinating, fast-paced and action packed, this novel speaks of a daring time of the unsettled life for the early Pioneers - filled with scenes of war and Indians, the period between 1813 and 1837 is revealed by the author.  William quickly earns the nickname "Dead Eye" as he becomes a hero by saving his regiment from a deadly Indian attack.  By delivering the single shot, taking down the Indian Chief, resulting in the retreat of the enemy and the forewarning to his comrades of the ensuing attack, thus leading to promotion, "Dead Eye" Will is known for his bravery and keen skills.  William sets on a journey as he discovers the true foundation of life: building trust and faith in Jesus Christ.  He quickly learns that, although life is ever-changing, Christ is all-sufficient in and through all things.  Encouraging and inspiring, this novel is highly recommended novel for those that love action and adventure series of the Old West and Pioneer Days!

For more information about the authors and the books visit R. Frederick Riddle. You may get your copy of Dead Eye Will at Amazon and at Smashwords.

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Freedom - A Fight for Innocence by Noleen Finch

Title: A Fight for Innocence
By: Noleen Finch
ISBN# 978-1622953561
Review Date: December 26, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Fight for Innocence by Noleen Finch, although fictional, encapsulates the plight of innocent children touched by sexual abuse, never to be the same and carrying burdens that should not be.  As this subject is monumental in nature, the author has created a story that will give hope and is written in the spirit of Isaiah 61 – setting the captives free. 

Emanating from the struggle is the existence of evil that impacts our young every day in our world.  With brilliance, Noleen Finch draws attention to this subject in a very real way, giving readers insight on how innocent children have been scarred for life.     

Cassie Howard is a young ambitious single woman that has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in crisis.  Cassie leans on her strong faith in Jesus Christ to be able to help those families she encounters and finds herself drawn to a four-year old named Annon.  Cassie realizes Annon has an amazing gift, one that may unlock the mystery to Justin, a three-year old little boy that has just been kidnapped.  With amazing intensity, true faith and a pure heart, Cassie embarks on an ensuing journey of faith that leads to a struggle over true evil that lurks in the darkness of the world. 

Fast paced and true to real life, A Fight for Innocence is one of those books that the reader will never forget.  The plight of child sexual abuse and the prevalence of evil affecting our children is a reality.  Highlighting this evil as a spiritual battle, the author sheds light on the reality of spiritual warfare that rages against the innocent children.  A Fight for Innocence will ignite passion to believe, hope and gives readers a yearning for justice in the lives of those held captive by evil, meanwhile giving them the tools to recognize abuse.  A wonderful book that just might be a movie in the making!  Highly Recommended.

You mat get your copy of A Fight for Innocence at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

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Christian author Robert Bernecker presents Who’s Your Father: Returning to the Love of the Biblical God

Title: Who's Your Father?: Returning to the Love of the Biblical God
By: Robert Bernecker
Review Date: December 26, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Robert Bernecker releases Who's Your Father?: Returning to the Love of the Biblical God – challenging readers to develop a correct perspective of God by inviting and revealing biblical truths that give a true understanding of God's sovereignty, character and love through God's Word.  Concise and to the point, the author also discusses concerns that relate to real world issues the Church faces from a down to earth perspective; Bernecker has given readers a firm biblical foundations that offers a simple and well-informed journey, leading other's to transformation of their relationship with their heavenly Father - as their father.  This vital link has been missing today in our modern Church.  Once this understanding is grasped, transformation is ushered in by the pivotal realization that the Church of our day is laboring under severely misplaced boundaries, which it has put on both God's sovereignty and His loving involvement in our lives.  Discover Who's Your Father? that will rejuvenate, refresh and accelerate an intimate walk with God.

Compelling and thought-provoking, this book calls the Church to return to the high view of God that was held by the Reformers and the champions of the faith from past years; in fact, Bernecker reinforces the solid scriptural foundation from which he writes with many relevant quotes from great Christian leaders and thinkers such as Spurgeon, Augustine, Edwards, Luther, Tyndale, Lewis, and many others. The book invites all to experience the incredible benefits and blessings from Almighty God, showing readers that there is rest in God's loving purpose for their lives, making plain the certainty with which they can trust a loving father with their lives, that leads to fulfilling His purposes.    

Developed for either individual reflection or a weekly study group, this new book is an essential tool for building a biblically correct perspective of God.  For more information about the author and his book contact Robert Bernecker. You may find Who's Your Father? at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.

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Get It In Kindle Edition - When God Calls: A Faith–Journey by Federico I. Agnir

When God Calls: A Faith–Journey Autobiography by Reverend and Christian author Federico I. Agnir depicts his incredible life story and faith in Jesus Christ in this poignant memoir.  Born in the Philippines, destined and called from birth into the Lord's service, Federico Agnir gives his account of his childhood and then as a young adult, his pilgrimage to the United States in search of the "American Dream."  Fascinating, yet heart breaking at times, Federico's life story will inspire readers everywhere, bringing hope, inspiration and the Good News of the Gospel to all who read it. 

Beginning at his birth in 1939 in a small town in the Philippines, his journey will grip your heart.  Written from a perspective as one who "lived through it" – Agnir gives insight into the World War II era in the Philippines, presenting a truthful and stunning look at past events that changed the world, including his own.  Fast paced and engaging, Agnir takes the reader on a fascinating journey through this his life, through the tumultuous World War II years and gives the reader an understanding that through it all – God is in control and that God can be trusted as true and faithful.  Triumphant and endearing, a movie in the making – don't miss the adventure of Federico I. Agnir in When God Calls: A Faith-Journey Autobiography.

You may get your copy of When God Calls at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

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FaithWriters, How God Provides - Winner Harriett Ford

How God Provides What Santa Cannot By Penny R. Koontz as told to Harriett Ford.

Little did I know that God would provide in such a startling way that Christmas of 1991, nor could I have dreamed He would change the course of my entire life.

The homeless shelter was in a remote area of Texas, pitch black at night except for the light of a lonesome train passing by. I had just taken over the property, planning to serve God for one year to thank Him that I could walk again after polio's crippling effects.

With 42 youngsters, 30 adults, no money, and few ornaments, our holiday season looked rather bleak.
"Miss Penny, how will Santa find us way out here?" The children asked while decorating the tree.

Let's sing," I suggested. A few weak voices began singing a carol. "Come on," I urged, "Put your heart into it." They upped the volume, and just as I was getting into the inspirational words of the song, all singing stopped. I turned to see Santa in full costume walking through the door. He whispered to me as he passed by, "Heard you might need a Santa. I'm on my way to a party and thought I'd stop here first."

Mr. Claus delighted the children, taking them one at a time on his knee and hearing their Christmas wishes. But to my dismay, each child asked for a bike. After he left, the reality of somehow making 42 bikes appear hit me.  "Lord, how will I ever get that many bikes when just getting enough food for these people is stretching my faith?"

I certainly knew good Bible verses about how God provides abundantly and exceedingly. But I would never have guessed how specifically God, and not Santa, was about to show up.

Soon articles started appearing in the newspaper. Word spread. People brought warm clothes, toiletries, and other items, and yes, the bikes started arriving to be assembled in our "secret workshop."

Christmas morning arrived and oh, the bikes…bikes everywhere. Eventually exhausted after all the gift-giving, laughter, ribbons, and tears of joy, I decided to head for my room for a needed rest.

As I headed out on the dirt path, I heard little feet running behind.  "Miss Penny, Miss Penny!" Five-year-old Cedric caught up to me, his cheeks streaked with tears.  I knelt on the dirt drive to see what troubled him.

"What is it Cedric? Why are you crying, honey?" I asked.
"I didn't git me no bike! I told Santa I wanted a purple two-wheeler, but Santa didn't git me no bike!"

Dismayed, I groaned inwardly, how could we have been off by one bike!

Looking into those tear-filled eyes, I asked, "Cedric, honey, did you ask Jesus for a bike?"

"No, Miss Penny, I asked Santa."

"Well, that explains it," I said. "You see, Santa Claus is a story about Christmas. He's a one-day wonder.  But Jesus is the true Gift and the gift-giver. He hears you when you pray. What I am telling you are quotes to live by, so let's talk to Him about this.

Cedric got on his knees beside me and made quite a noisy plea to Jesus ending with a request for a purple two-wheeler.

After the amen, I looked up to see dust from a pickup heading along the drive toward us. It pulled to a stop and a man stepped out.

"Sorry I'm late," he said, "I meant to come yesterday, but our children made a surprise visit. Can anyone use this?" He lifted a brand new purple two-wheeler from the pickup's bed and placed it right in front of little Cedric.

Woman of 'great faith' that I am,  I stood there absolutely speechless and simply watched as God made Himself real to a delighted child. I never got the name of the man.

The joy of that moment is as fresh in my heart today as it was that morning.   And because of that joy, I have continued ministering to homeless adults and children at Jacob's House at Thunder Ranch, helping more than 8,000 individuals and hundreds of youngsters find a future with hope.

I am praying for all who read this story that you also get your purple bike, whatever it may be.  Healing for your body, peace for your mind, and comfort for your heart . . . that only Jesus can bring.

Every month FaithWriters – The Home For Christian Writers sponsors a blog contest that promotes a ministry. This contest includes cash prizes for the winners or Paid Writing Assignments. 

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Book Release - Reign: We See Him As He Is - giving hope to a lost world, igniting passion for the return of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Reign: We See Him As He Is - David Keyser, PhD has created a fascinating, action-packed adventure series shedding light on the Second Coming of Christ and the 1000-year reign. A thrill ride of a novel, the author has written biblical future history and prophecy when the The Lion of the tribe of Judah has returned to receive His inheritance given to Him by the Father of Lights.
A King from another kingdom has returned to claim Earth as His own; the long wait is over. The King has returned for His inheritance. All eyes will see His return; all knees shall bow at the name of the Lord, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He shall set His rule upon the Earth and rule with an iron scepter. His legions of angels are with Him, riding on the clouds of glory as he sets His feet on the Earth. Jerusalem is now His new Kingdom where angels and His Keepers will reign over the new earth and new heaven in the Millennial 1000-year reign to come.

Dr. Keyser has created this new series, opening eyes and hearts to the reality of the Kingdom of God in: Reign: We See Him As He IsReign II: A Story Of The Seventh Millennium continues the adventure. Reign: The Millennium combines I and II in one volume.

As an international theology teacher and college adjunct faculty, he has earned many degrees that include a B.S., an M. Div, an M.S., a Th.M., and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology. His interests encompass what this world is coming to, spiritual experiences, life before birth, considering God, organic Christianity, and Christian fiction.

Don't miss this new series beginning with Reign: We See Him As He Is - giving hope to a lost world, igniting passion for the return of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Available at 
Books of Faith or at the authors CreateSpace page.

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Christian Book Releases - Divine Revelation: A Call From Christ to Join the Armies of Heaven

Title: Divine Revelation: A Call From Christ to Join the Armies of Heaven
By: John Meacham
Review Date: December 11, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Divine Revelation: A Call From Christ to Join the Armies of Heaven by Christian author John Meacham reveals his life as once a backsliding Christian and potential alcoholic to becoming a prophet of God in his dramatic return to the Lord through a sequence of events that led to many divine revelations from the Lord. 

After being accused of a hit and run accident, John Meacham's life spun out of control – he cried out to God and God saved him.  Delivered from addiction and persecution, John committed himself to the Lord's service and enlisted in the armies of Heaven.  His story is unique, real and supported by scriptural accounts of the supernatural realm as revealed through a series of dreams, visions and leadings of the Holy Spirit.  John writes to encourage and exhort the Church to "wake up" from slumber and join the armies of Heaven in waiting for Christ's Second Coming.

John's story is one that will surprise, challenge and encourage one to look at their own life, reflecting on the Word of God, giving one a chance to inspect their own thoughts, convictions and beliefs.  Meacham shares his struggles as he became dedicated to the Lord and walks in the office of a prophet.  Candidly, Meacham shares his born again experience and offers such chapters such as: God Speaks, Accepting Jesus, The Dazzling Light, Jesus Sings, Dreams of The Second Coming, Christ in Galilee that are written for the reader to understand the urgency of the matter: Jesus is soon to come.  He shares the Gospel in a way that ignites a passion for Christ and His purposes, bringing many back from backsliding, warning a lazy church to recognize the times, as the End Times.  An absolutely fantastic and impressive read that will transform your life, encouraging all to join the armies of Heaven!

You may get your copy of Divine Revelation: A Call From Christ to Join the Armies of Heaven at Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and in NOOK Book. You may find out more about the author and his books at the home of John Meacham.

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Finding Freedom and Victory through Christ

One Day at a Time ...

Set Free by Peggy Yellen shares her life journey into the grace and truth of God, being "re-born" by the spirit of God.  In this engaging and inspiring memoir, the author candidly shares her upbringing and young adulthood, adding a special tribute to her late husband in the revised edition.  As a young child that loved Jesus as her best friend, Peggy grew up in a very dysfunctional household.  This contributed to emotional behaviors that led to severe spiritual and emotional bondage.  Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, the author openly shares this dark period in her life, revealing the faithfulness of the Lord and the dedication of her dedicated husband.  Heart breaking at times, this book shares her experience of a complete breakdown due to her thought life that was shrouded in darkness for many years with deep depression, extreme fear and anxiety that held her mind in bondage.   Yet her story is remarkable and demonstrates the power of God to see His children through the darkest of times and demonstrates His unfailing love.  Her book testifies to the power of God and deliverance from the darkest pit of despair. Set Free is a short, encouraging and rich testimony that gives Scripture to the saved and unsaved to look to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

You may order your copy of Set Free by Peggy Yellen at AmazonBarnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.  Be sure to visit the author at: By Grace Set Free

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Author Book News - Craig T. Feigh releases A Sure Way to Him

Overland Park, Kansas  

Author Craig T. Feigh releases A Sure Way to Him – written as an easy to understand book on the "basics of Christianity" that allows the new Christian to test and strengthen their faith through sound, scripturally-based, doctrine using ACRONYMS to aid in memory of those basics.  Offering life principles and biblical truth in an easy to understand format, the author poses a question to the reader, Where will you spend your eternity? And what is the single most important thing you could do in your lifetime?  Most Americans will state they believe in Heaven (about 89%), but 66% (roughly three-quarters) are unsure that they are going to get there.  As described in the Bible, Feigh has given readers the information and tools they need to understand that life is but a breath and a vapor upon this Earth, with the average life span of males being about 75 and for females, 79.  Each person is appointed once to die and spends eternity with either the Father in Heaven or separated forever in a place called Hell.  Yes, Hell is real and both Heaven and Hell do exist, although many would rather dismiss this fact.  Feigh explains that the Bible has made Eternity clear and offers a map of salvation, giving acronyms to help one remember what the Bible teaches  - offering the sure way to salvation.

A Sure Way to Him was also written for the non-believer to let them know the only and SURE Way to Heaven is through a simple, faith-based faith in Jesus life is short and we ALL should be living for our long term residence, which is for Eternity.

This is an amazing read that not only teaches about eternal destiny, but also offers hope and guidance through scripture that will help one to:

·        Receive God's guidance every single day;
·        Gives knowledge on the best way to live a healthy life;
·        Helps one find fulfillment in work and relationships;
·        Offers assurance of honor, happiness and a long life;
·        Presents how to experience a deeper sense of love and intimacy with God.

As a graduate from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business, Craig T. Feigh is a Christian, father, author, youth Bible study teacher and currently works in the telecommunications field.  In addition to writing, he owns a private Christian Apparel Company and holds a US Patent for a lawn and garden tool.  His desire is that all will come into the saving knowledge and salvation of Jesus Christ.  

You may get your copy of  A Sure Way to Him at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Visit the Author's site at Craig T. Feigh for further information.

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New Christian Book Releases - Taking Your Life to the Next Level

Taking Your Life to the Next Level: 7 Keys to Living the God Kind of Life by multi-published Christian author, Jimi Akanbi, teaches and encourages all to find new life in the wisdom of God.  Basing one's life on such wisdom is what will produce more peace, joy, happiness and success in one's life – the world would have you think contrary.  With seven key biblical principles, the author gives practical applications and personal testimonies shedding light on one's purpose, destiny and the will of God. 

Whether you are new in the Christian faith or need a boost in your faith, this book offers principles found in the Scriptures to enhance, grow and prosper you in life.  Understanding one's purpose in life is essential, but living in God's wisdom is the only way to live the life God intended you to live. 

Learn how to depend on God, not on men, how to believe with the Spirit, understand the power of loving (not only God first, but your fellow man), know one's God given destiny and reap the benefits of being thankful in all things.  Offering hope and help with an easy-to-read biblical format, the author delights in sharing these insights that will transform your life to the glory of God!

You may get your copy of Taking Your Life to the Next Level: 7 Keys to Living the God Kind of Life at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. You can follow author Jimi Akanbi at Twitter and catch him at Facebook.

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Order Your Copy In Time For The Holidays - Dianne Sagan’s Miriam’s Room

Dianne Sagan's Miriam's Room is the third book in her Women of the Bible series – Miriam's Room offers a courageous and inspiring fictional novel intertwining history and knowledge of the Scripture that makes for fascinating adventures of the heart.  Wife of a wealthy copper trader and prominent community leader in Jerusalem, Miriam and mother of John Mark, endures the Roman reign in first century Jerusalem.  As a mother, she watches over her son in hopes that he will not succumb to the persuasions of religious zealots.  Careful to not push her son away, there is hope on the horizon.  Entertaining with many twists and turns, this novel takes the reader through the streets of Jerusalem, shedding light on the power of prayer while revealing themes of redemption and restoration as Miriam opens her upper room to the teachings of a new Rabbi named Jesus. Miriam's Room is a powerful account of one woman's spiritual journey to transformation despite suppressing circumstances.  Freedom is to be found, but will this new Rabbi be able to restore her broken heart?      

An award winning author, Mrs. Sagan is a member of the Panhandle Professional Writers, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and the Christian Writer's Guild. Dianne has ghostwritten and co-authored 14 books, as well as authored five works of fiction, two coming out this Fall and Winter. She also spent five years as an opinion editorial columnist for the Amarillo Globe News. Mrs. Sagan defines herself as a hybrid author who has taken a less traveled path. She is best known for her Christian fiction Women of the Bible series. She loves talking with readers and other writers. Dianne says she considers herself not just as Christian writer, but a Christian first and then a writer whose beliefs are reflected in what she writes.

When not writing, speaking at writer's conferences and facilitating workshops, Mrs. Sagan is a Senior Consultant and Vice President with her husband in their Consulting business. They live in Texas and enjoy time off with their family.

You can get your copy of Dianne Sagan's Miriam's Room at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to also visiDianne Sagan's blog.

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Heaven or Hell, Do They Exist - The Last Train at Sunset by multi-published author Pearl Nsiah-Kumi

The Last Train at Sunset by multi-published author Pearl Nsiah-Kumi depicts salvation as a train that is not to be missed!  With a unique approach, this book offers a series of articles and poems that are rich with Scripture giving the reader a choice for eternity.  Life is a journey, one with a destination that no one should miss: speaking of Heaven.  The author poignantly sheds light that life is too precious and too short to waste and that eternity awaits each individual, giving the urgency of the matter - as all are appointed to die once and eternity does await each individual whether you believe or don't believe. 

If you have ever wondered about salvation and what it means to you, or how the shed blood of Jesus Christ makes the difference of where you will spend eternity, don't miss The Last Train at Sunset by Pearl Nsiah-Kumi – an overwhelmingly urgent matter, for today is the day of salvation.  Don't wait to decide where you will spend eternity!   

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