Get your copy of Never Give Up: How Determination Can Give You a Better Look at Life in Kindle Edition

Never Give Up: How Determination Can Give You a Better Look at Life by Jenny Maher is a remarkable true life memoir exhibiting the power of perseverance and one woman's determination to "Never Give Up."  This is an amazing and powerful account of Jenny Maher's life and how she overcame life despite being abandoned, abused and a quadriplegic.  Through determination and hope in God, Jenny Maher is a testimony to all, inspiring others to keep hoping, keep taking baby steps and to keep looking up to God!  This is an unforgettable read that you won't want to miss!

Jenny Maher's life was never easy or peaceful.  She grew up a dysfunctional household, trying to cope with a mother's mental illness, being taken in and out of the foster care system due to her mother's instability, only to find herself alone, neglected and rejected throughout her childhood.  At age of eighteen, she was kicked out of the foster care system and she found herself alone.  On her own and without any family, she joined the Air Force.  The trauma of her childhood continued to haunt her throughout her service and she was eventually medically discharged due to overwhelming depression and PTSD.   

After waking up paralyzed from the neck down at 34 years old, through sheer determination and the will to live, Jenny overcame the mental hardships she endured in the hospitals dealing with unattended wound infections and emotional abuse.  She went back to college and learned how to drive.  Her story candidly shares an incredible testimony to the power of hope, perseverance and courage, offering to those that have lost hope or feel they cannot take another step - to take another step and depend on God to see them through.  
For more information about the author and her book, visit Jenny Maher. You may get your copy of Never Give Up: How Determination Can Give You a Better Look at Life at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and in NOOK Book.

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PhD, Bob Dowell releases Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart

PhD, Bob Dowell, lends understanding to the entirety of the Bible through Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart.  This three part series by Christian author and writer, Bob Dowell PhD, offers readers a new theory encapsulated as PROSEPOE.  Ten years in the making with extensive research and knowledge derived from the Scriptures, Bob Dowell, presents a revelatory comprehension that introduces the reader to a combination of information coupled along with poetry, creating a unique avenue for understanding the dual dimensions of the Bible, being informational and spiritual.   

Knowledge comes first to the mind, although deeper meaning is experienced by the heart and spirit.  PROSEPOE gives readers understanding and experience through the union of the informational and spiritual, igniting a deeper communication with God and His Word, but also a spiritual understanding that ushers in a more complete knowledge of who God is and how He works through situations to teach us, mold us and transform us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

The Bible is filled with instruction, wisdom and hope for all that we may face in life, if through scriptural application and understanding we apply these life principles, lives will be changed, transformed and enriched to bless others.  In this spirit, Bob Dowell offers his new book: Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart to assist with this journey from faith to faith.  Come and gain a deeper insight into God's Word through this exciting and highly recommended read.

Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart--Part One: The Old Testament, Part Two: Matthew through Acts and Part Three: Romans through Revelation are available in e-book or in print format and can be ordered through your local bookseller or on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Be sure to visit Bob at Bible and Heart. You may order Bob's books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.

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CBM Christian Author Press Release - Take A Journey Into The Seven Messages from the Master

A CBM Christian Author Press Release
August 23, 2013

Come walk with Jesus and experience, for yourself - What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from the Master

It's not your typical "walk-in-the-park." What Did Jesus Say- "The Seven Messages from the Master" is an engaging stroll down the beach from author Terry Allan Christian offering seven, timeless, messages contained within the Bible from the Master Teacher – Jesus.  This book gives over 500 of Jesus' teachings that will become your own personal poetic journey with Jesus.  Beautifully illustrated in full color as a 170-page e-book (also available in audio CD or paperback), this book will transform your perspective on life.     

Unique and never before gathered in one volume, the author as inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers these seven messages taught by Jesus without opinion or theological interpretations.  Powerfully written to impact and transform lives with the teachings of Christ derived only from the red printed letters in the Bible. Rev. Terry Allan Christian has over 30 years of experience walking with God and has created a journey of discovery – offering wisdom, refreshment and the transforming power of Christ to all.  Discover the seven messages from the Master and the ever-enduring love He has for you in this fascinating book!  

Reverend Christian is a minister teaching the Body of Christ true Christian principles.  As a retired motivational speaker, he has taught over 2500 seminars as a corporate trainer to companies throughout America and Canada.  As a young teen, growing up in a very dysfunctional household, the author developed a severe stuttering problem.  Encountering the God of the impossible at the age of 23, he was miraculously healed and then gave his life completely over to God at that moment.  Shortly after that life-changing event, the Lord encountered him again with a vision and the Holy Spirit told him one day he would be a teacher of Christian principles.  Thirty years later, after much teaching and instruction from God, he is a minister teaching Christian principles to the Body of Christ. 

For more information be sure to visit You may get your copy of What Did Jesus Say?  in print or Kindle Edition  at and other online bookstores.


Modern Science and Atheism - George Chernish, Ph.D.

Title: How Modern Science Exposes Atheism
By: George Chernish, Ph.D.
ISBN #978-1490950075
Review Date: August 3, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

How Modern Science Exposes Atheism by Ph.D. George Chernish is a remarkable read "confirming the Book of books" – the Bible.  Addressing and, "Exposing Atheism's dogma of deceit about the Bible," the author poignantly writes a well-informed and much researched book derived from years as a scientist and Bible scholar.  The book unveils evidence supported by true science that will in fact bring an overwhelming confirmation that the Bible is truly a book written by God by men inspired of God.  Answering many questions, such as, "Was there really a worldwide flood?  And, "Where is the Garden of Eden located?"  This amazing read keeps the reader engaged throughout, giving firm evidence and offering a well-rounded discussion on the subject of science supporting the Bible. 

This incredible book will take the reader through a list of A to Z in regards to the sciences from Anthropology to Zoology and begins with a preface that is impressive, as it speaks of the Bible as the most published book of all time throughout all of history since the invention of the printing press.  Full of history and scriptures, the author has given a foundation that substantiates the Bible's claims, that infact, God created the Earth, man and everything contained therein. 

This is a fascinating and fast-paced read that will give the average Christian knowledge to cordially address atheistic claims regarding the Bible being a "fairy tale" or "written by a bunch of men."  A highly recommended and informative read that will enlighten even the most critical of skeptics. 

Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) Volume 3, Get it at Amazon and in Kindle Edition

Every Hill and Mountian (Time and Again) Volume 3

Visiting another century…not the summer vacation she had planned.

Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) Volume 3, from multi-published author Deborah Heal is a compelling young adult fiction novel embracing many life themes common to young adults, giving young readers an understanding for the need of redemption through Jesus Christ.  With a yearning for adventure and intrigue, Deborah Heal, takes readers back in time through a software invention named Beautiful House.  Abby, an adventurous college student has discovered a wonderful, but dangerous invention that enables her to fast forward, or rewind, other's lives, but not her own of course.  Even though this discovery can be a blessing, within the wrong hands, it could become a curse. 

Ensuing a newfound love with her beau, John Roberts, Abby is joined by best friend, Kate and fiancĂ© Ryan.  All set off on an unforgettable summer adventure together where there is no turning back.  Traveling through time, their journey winds into many discoveries - some good, some bad.  By now, readers will be fully engaged as they travel through time.  Deborah Heal presents to readers a delightful twist to her series trilogy that is challenging, thought-provoking and entertaining, ultimately pointing all to the forgiveness, unending love and redemption offered through salvation in Jesus Christ. 

Filled with endless intrigue and layers of mini-plots embedded within the story, this novel intertwines history and the time period of the civil war, giving insight into such issues such as slavery and the workings of the underground railroads during the civil war make this journey of Abby's an educational read. 

The plot thickens as Abby's best friend Kate comes to visit with her fiancĂ© Ryan whose ulterior motives are later to be revealed.  Abby is determined to find the missing link to her family tree as she unravels the history behind Kates's ancestor, Ned Greenfield.  History is always repeated, but one can learn great lessons from past mistakes. 

A highly recommended read for those that desire to be entertained with true-life romance intertwined with time travel and a loving story of redemption – that one day all things will indeed be made new through Jesus Christ!
For more information about the author and her books, visit Deborah Heal. You may get your copy of Every Hill and Mountain (Time and Again) Volume 3 at Amazon. in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble, in NOOK Book and at other fine online bookstores.

Christian Book Release - Attributes of a Good Woman

Attributes of a Good Woman by multi-published author, Mz. Modesty, encourages women of all sizes, shapes and skin-colors through a collection of memorable real life short stories of real life Big Beautiful Women that will inspire women to be all that they can be.  No matter what your circumstances are or what you look like, these short, chicken-soup-for-the-soul style stories will enlighten the Big Beautiful Woman to capture what really matters and learn to love themselves despite their appearance.  Exhibiting the incredible patience, trust, love, defiance and acceptance that women desire, this book will delight the reader to look for the best within themselves, realizing that there is beauty beyond the mirror…A highly recommended read for those that desire truth and beauty that is found within each one of us! 

Mz. Modesty has been an author since the age of thirteen.  Her books are unique in that her writing showcases the lives of Big Beautiful Women-showcasing that Big Beautiful Women have attributes that make them even more beautiful than what is shown in mainstream media (television, magazines and books).  She writes about the positive side of life, capturing the essence of many Big Beautiful Women as strong, educated, beautiful, determined, honest, self-motivated, soft, caring, loving and displays even a sexy side to the Big Beautiful Woman.  Come take a journey that will uplift your soul, giving you fresh insights for the years ahead as a strong, beautiful woman that you are. 

Be sure to order your copy of Attributes of a Good Woman by Mz. Modesty at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble and at other fine online bookstores.

Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement and Elijah Hael - The Genetic Code - Get them at Amazon and in Kindle Edition

A dazzling,  thought provoking, combination of faith versus secular beliefs, science fiction, spiritual warfare, action adventure and romance.

Captivating, compelling, challenging, fast-paced and full of action-packed adventure, this novel is book two in the series of Elijah Hael novels, the first being Elijah Hael & The Last Judgement, thwarts onward the knowledge of good versus evil in this non-stop adventure that leaves one thirsting for more. 

Yesterday's gone. Tomorrow is a distant hope. Now means everything...Nya struggled to believe her accomplishment.  Nearly a decade's work was all coming together.  This was her moment.  The Nobel Prize would be hers for the taking.  Her work was going to change the face of bio-science forever.  The only problem was someone with an exceptionally dark desire wanted to twist her work for sinister purposes that would change the face of life on earth forever.  And he was prepared to go to any lengths to get it.  Thus began a chain of startling events that would force Nya to place her trust in an unknown man whom she discovered from archived news reports ... had died years ago.

Journey with Nya, a believer, as her faith is tested.  Join Isaac, a non-believer, who questions his existence.  Discover how they face death together in a remarkable adventure.  An emotionally rich, adventure story which will delight those who quest personally challenging and thought provoking reads.

Steve Goodwin is inspired by authors such a J.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) and C. S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) who mix fantasy and reality while promoting Christian values.  He is also the author of the acclaimed Elijah Hael series of novels.  After a difficult childhood Steve developed a fascination with the nature of the supernatural, spiritual and physical worlds and how they affect the lives around us.  This led him on a journey spanning two decades of studying, experiences and discovery.  As well as demonstrating a profound respect for faith and the battles of doubt, he seamlessly mixes reality with creativity, inspired by Biblical concepts and personal understandings, constructing worlds, dimensions, events, and stories that are relatable.  Steve's successful software development career allows him to juggle being an author while still creating compelling software solutions for his clients.

For more information visit Elijah Hael. You can get your copy of Elijah Hael-The Genetic Code at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Barnes and Noble, SmashWords and iTunes.

Beyond Heaven - A New Earth by Joseph Keibler

Find new purpose and renewed faith as you gain a better understanding of God's eternal purpose for His Children in Beyond Heaven – A New Earth!  It's worth living for…

Beyond Heaven-A New Earth by pastor and evangelist, Joseph Keibler, dispels many misconceptions concerning eternal life, Heaven, Hell, the first resurrection and the new Earth that is to come.  This book is an incredible journey presenting an eternal perspective through God's Word of the glorious destiny awaiting believers in Christ.  Not only will one discover that as God's chosen people they have a calling and purpose in the Kingdom of God on Earth, but also beyond Heaven and this Earth.  One will discover that Heaven is not the final destination for believers in Christ. 

Rich with scripture, the author builds a firm foundation from God's Word, presenting to readers a challenging and thought provoking read giving concise details on the aspects of eternal life.  Engaging and informative, the author gives readers an inside look into his own life that led him to this firm stance regarding salvation and eternal life.  These eternal viewpoints and rewards are discussed in depth, giving understanding to believers and enabling one to live a victorious life here on Earth, while looking forward to the eternal destiny in the Kingdom of God. 

The glorious future with God in His Kingdom will ignite a passionate faith, birthing a stirring and awakening in the reader's spirit to look beyond their current circumstances, and propel them to find purpose and new meaning in life by looking ahead to their future in Christ.   

Joseph Keibler had a bona fide, born-again Christian experience in 1967. He has pastored two churches; taught at a Bible college; ministered in Mexico, Europe, India and China; and served as a missionary evangelist to Nigeria, West Africa. He has seen the door of Heaven literally open and God sweep fields of lost souls into His kingdom like a mighty wind, and seen and experienced miracles that few people are privileged to witness. He is now retired and spends time writing and encouraging others to find that narrow gate and straight way of truth.

He is what is described as both a literalist and an apologist. As a literalist, he believes a person should take the Scriptures literally, except where there is evidence that another meaning should be applied, such as an allegory or a parable. He believes in studying Scripture without having a predetermined belief about its meaning, and letting it speak to you, rather than speaking your beliefs into it.

As an apologist, he writes in the defense of the things that are so clear that there can be no misunderstanding of what they mean, not to put forth some new truth. Those things that remain in silhouettes will be unveiled in their proper time, when the Light of Heaven appears and makes them plain. Upon those Scriptures that are clear, he has built and defends a belief in an eternal destiny…Beyond Heaven.  
For more information visit Beyond Heaven. You can get your copy of Beyond Heaven- A New Earth at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Volumes 1 and 2 of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER by Yolanda Shanks

From multi-published and multi-award winning author, Yolanda Shanks, comes volume 2 of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER.  This series includes both volumes 1 and 2 and have been created as 31-day devotionals presenting the truth of God's Word. 

Christian author and Sunday School Teacher, Yolanda Shanks, compassionately and honestly reveals the destructive thought patterns that keep us from obtaining God's best for us.  Be set free from the snares of the evil one and fleshly entanglements, one-step-at-a-time, as you renew your mind through the refreshing water of the Word.  In doing this, your life and your inner thought life will be on the way to becoming acceptable and pleasing in the sight of the Lord, yielding a bountiful harvest.

Inner thoughts are what defile the temple.  We may hold wrong attitudes about others and ourselves that are not in accordance with the commands of scripture, which can actually produce negative results.  Learn how to dump the garbage, so to speak…with this amazing and uplifting short 31-day devotional!!

A highly recommended read for those who desire cleanliness within the inner man.  Thought provoking and challenging, this 31-day devotional will add to your daily life as your mind is renewed day-by-day.
For more information about the author and her books, visit Author Yolanda Shanks. You may get your copy of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER Volume 2 and other books by Yolanda Shanks at Amazon.  

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Christian Book Review - eciple: Gospel: Encountering and Remembering the Good News of Jesus

Title: eciple: Gospel: Encountering and Remembering the Good News of Jesus
By: Matt Eachus
Review Date: July 11, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

What is the Good News? And how does the Gospel apply to my life today?  Matt Eachus answers these questions and more in his new ebook eciple: Gospel: Remembering the Good News of Jesus.  The eciple™ series is designed to be an accurate, but focused ebook teaching made available to Christians and unbelievers alike that may be curious about salvation and the Good News. 

With much scripture and grace, author Matt Eachus introduces to readers why the Gospel is important to all mankind.  This concise, video-enchanced eBook edition of eciple: Gospel therefore presents biblical concepts to readers in a simple, easy-to-read format.  Matt Eachus takes stories from his life intertwined with humor as 'a church kid that grew to love Jesus' to relate the Good News to all, giving the reader a firm sense and awe of the work of the Cross.  Revealing the need for a Savior and Jesus' perfect sacrifice, readers will not be disappointed with this invigorating eBook displaying the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Giving an overview of the Old Testament men that were used mightily of God such as: Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joseph and David, the author reveals God's plans and purposes throughout the ages.  The author expresses and builds a picture through scriptural application that man is in need of a Savior, unveiling that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

With a firm biblical foundation, readers will find this book uplifting, insightful and an instructional read.  Developed either for the mature believer, new believers or skeptics alike, the book gives readers in laymen's terms the definition of why the Good News is really, really GOOD NEWS!  Without a doubt, this is an eBook that can be used as a tool for those that don't understand salvation or for those that want to come back to the joy of their salvation.  This short read is filled with wisdom gained from years of experience that makes for an easy applicable life-changing experience.  Eciple: Gospel is a recommended must-read for new Christians and the non-believer alike.  For more information visit the eciple website.

Available for purchase at Amazon,  the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and other eBook stores.
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An insightful and encouraging read - My Journey as a Combat Medic by Patrick

My Journey as a Combat Medic by Patrick Thibeault depicts his real-life journey from Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom as a combat medic.  An insightful and encouraging read, this book celebrates life, as the author gives his life memoir.  Offering a true depiction of life as an army medic, the author highlights the hope and dignity that medical personnel bring on the field, while giving insight into such conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Growing up, young Patrick is thrown into the deep end so to speak as an Army Combat Medic serving with the 160th Special Operation Aviation unit deployed to into Desert Storm.  Years, later, his expertise and experience served him well while serving in the Army National Guard unit, in the 76th infantry during Operation Enduring Freedom.  The author has shared his insight, experience and training that gives hope and encouragement to all military personnel serving in our Armed Forces. 

Raised as an Army brat, author Patrick Thibeault has lived all over the world from Germany to Fort Devens to the States --Massachusetts, Fayetteville and North Carolina.  His father was stationed in Seoul, South Korea during his high school years.  Therefore, he attended and graduated from high school in South Korea in 1989.  Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the Army, becoming a paratrooper medic.  Patrick was deployed to Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm in 1990.  He was then deployed twice to Ecuador during his time with the Kentucky Army National Guard.  He eventually graduated with a Bachelor' Degree in Nursing in 2003 from Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He has completed his Master's Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2008.  His awards and decorations include: the Combat Medical Badge, 2nd award from both Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom, The Meritorious Service Medical from Afghanistan and the Air Medal from Desert Storm.  Patrick also has earned the Expert Field Medical Badge, Paratrooper badge and the enlisted crewmember aviation wings.

Get your copy of My Journey as a Combat Medic by Patrick Thibeault at Amazon or in Kindle Edition. For more information about the author and the book visit Medic Story.

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Calming The Storm Within, a must read new book release

New Book Released on How to Find Inner Peace Even During Chaotic Times

Jim Lange announces the release of his latest work, Calming the Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World.

What is peace and where does one find it…especially during the storms of life? Offering real answers to this relevant question, the author addresses how to find lasting peace regardless of one's circumstances. He does this by sharing poignant insights of real life stories and allowing the reader to peer into his world while offering a Biblical plan of how to attain true and lasting peace.
Lange, who also wrote Bleedership: Biblical First-Aid for Leaders, shared, "This project truly began because of my lifelong struggle to find inner peace. I know that God wanted me to write this to not only help others, but to also help me. Through the process some incredible insights have been revealed to me that I believe will have a great impact on others."

John Beckett, author of the international best-seller Loving Monday, had this to say, "This is the best book on attaining peace that I've ever read. Jim Lange takes us deep into the scriptural foundation for true peace and, through a transparent window into his personal life, gives us hope that we needn't spend our days in anxiety and worry. Calming the Storm Within has all the makings of a classic, but for now I recommend making it your personal and valued companion."

Lee Powell, Senior Pastor at CedarCreek Church in Toledo, OH added, "I have read countless books on this subject matter in preparation for delivering sermons and I honestly didn't expect to be impressed, but impressed I was! In fact, with Jim's permission I may use some of his highlights for sermon notes. I found the book to be: fresh, thought provoking, challenging, emotionally moving and encouraging. In addition, the way it's written makes it easy to make immediate life applications."

Calming the Storm Within: How to Find Peace in this Chaotic World is available at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.  Lange has also included some great free resources at Calming The Storm Within.

Jim Lange also serves as Chapter President of
Truth at Work, where he facilitates monthly roundtable meetings with Christian business and ministry leaders in which they act as a board of advisors to one another in helping each other to grow professionally, personally and spiritually. Jim is also the founder and President of Five Feet Twenty – an organization that assists doctors and business owners in helping those they serve to grow closer to Jesus (delivered through a customized monthly magazine). He resides in Lambertville, Michigan with his wife and three children.