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Rhapsody of Realities

Pastors Chris and Pastor Anita Okakhilome inspire millions around the world through their monthly daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities.

The monthly devotional is the No 1 best selling daily devotional in the world available in over 180 languages and distributed in 187 countries and still counting.

The inspiring daily articles within the devotional are designed to enhance and develop your spiritual growth from day-to-day and cause you to win on a daily basis.

Filled with scripture verses and confessions that unveil the richness and depth of God's Word, one will learn the following:

·      How to cultivate the Word of God into faith filled confessions that lead to the abundant life in Christ;
·      Gain the peace, knowledge and understanding of the Word of God;
·      Learn to incorporate the Word of God into your life through these inspiring daily devotionals that are filled with scripture and rich teachings from the Word.

Often called, "The Messenger Angel", Rhapsody of Realities has impacted millions around the world with several million copies already sold.  The monthly devotional will encourage, enlighten and lead you to fulfill your God given destiny in Christ Jesus.  Rhapsody of Realities is highly recommended for the believer that seeks to fulfill his or her destiny in God.

The devotional is available for 1, 3, 6, and 12 months subscriptions on the Rhapsody of Realities website or on your mobile devices through the downloadable Rhapsody Reader Mobile application available for IOS, Blackberry, Android, and Kindle devices

For more information about Pastors Chris and Pastor Anita Okakhilome, their other books and their unique ministry, please visit the Rhapsody of Realities and Christ Embassy websites

To become a part of this anointed ministry as a partner, please visit the Rhapsody of Realities Partnership Page where you can impact the lives of many around the world by sponsoring free copies of the devotional to hospitals, schools, orphanages, and more via our ReachOut Campaigns and Missions trip initiatives around the world. Be blessed, be encouraged and be transformed through this wonderful life-changing ministry …

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How Did Satan Deceive Eve - the Spirit of Error

Title: Thy Kingdom Come: The Error-Proof Church
By: Lakesha Monique Ruise
A Christian Book Review
Review date: February 22, 2013
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Thy Kingdom Come: The Error-Proof Church by Christian author and ordained minister Lakesha Monique Ruise speaks of the Spirit of Error that has beguiled many.  From the beginning in the Garden of Eden, the Spirit of Error was used of Satan to deceive Eve.  Adam then disobeyed God by also eating of the forbidden fruit.  The author portrays this event from Genesis as the springboard for Satan's work in the world.  The book is written to give understanding of the Spirit of Error that is in the church and the world.  Once an understanding is known, believers will be able to understand their true identity in God.  We were created for dominion over the Earth.  God desires to bring His Kingdom to Earth through us.  Find out what that means and the power that is available to believers that obey and believe…only then, can we see and know how to walk being led by the Holy Spirit.  Thy Kingdom Come is written from much revelation received by the author from the Holy Spirit and is written to those believers that want to be fully sealed with the Holy Spirit and acquire the power that is available to those believers that seek full revival in their lives and in the world around them.  This writing is an amazing and enlightening read that will fill you with a longing to see, "Thy Kingdom Come."

After an eight-year journey being led and taught of the Holy Ghost, this book was birthed out of revelation from God concerning His Church on Earth through the author.  The identity of those in Jesus Christ has been long been kept in chains by the Spirit of Error, who is Satan.  By first giving understanding of the fall of Adam, the author unveils, exactly what Satan stole from man.  This book will take the reader through a fascinating read of the supernatural and spiritual forces that have played a part from the very beginning.  Taking the reader through biblical accounts through Genesis to the baptism, testing and crucifixion of Jesus, the author has unveiled strategic tactics that spiritual forces have been assaulting the human race with since the beginning.

In the end, one will find that reading this book will ignite a desire to fulfill the destiny of God in their life.  True understanding and identity will be revealed, to include specific instructions as to how to acquire the full authority and power of the Holy Spirit.  This book is not for insincere or immature believers, but for those believers that desire to please God fully.  This is not a quick fix, but a book that is full of the truth of the Word, and a scriptural guide on acquiring the leading of the Holy Spirit to become more Christ-like minded and Spirit led.  This book is not only eye-opening, but a highly recommended read for those that desire more of the Spirit led life and desire to see the Lord's Kingdom manifest on Earth.   

For more information about author Lakesha Monique Ruise and her book, visit Thy Kingdom Come: The Error-Proof Church … You may also get your copy of Thy Kingdom Come: The Error-Proof Church on Amazon in paperback, in Kindle Edition and at Barnes and Noble.

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Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) by Chris Tatevosian.
Why is it that Multiple Sclerosis sufferers are rarely told about this safe and successful  treatment to stop or slow disease progression in MS ? Great question! I would like to share my findings and perspective, but who am I ? My name is Chris Tatevosian, published author, columnist, internet radio host and motivational speaker. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1980 as a freshman in college. Since that time I have been through a plethora of treatments, of jabbings and stabbings… oral medications, IV medications plasmapheresis, chemotherapy, ABC drugs, including the latest and greatest. Where has all this gotten me? Well, I was stinging myself 40 to 60 times a day with honeybees. While proving to be entertaining for the masses, friends and family, I gave up on my buzzing friends after going through this process for three years with some pretty incredible symptom improvement, which drastically diminished after about three years.
But what about Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? Let me tell you a little about LDN, this one little capsule taken at bedtime is the protocol I've been following for more than three years. It has certainly slowed any progression I may or may not have had over that time. I have not experienced any relapses during the time that I have been taking LDN. I can't say that LDN has completely stopped the progression of MS, but it surely has made any progression that I have experienced unnoticeable. So let me tell you a little about LDN.
Millions of people suffer from the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis so wouldnt it be awesome if LDN could be the next untapped solution for this multitude? Unless you're on the Internet you likely would have never heard of LDN. That's because some doctors are afraid that LDN is nothing more than a magic potion or snake oil. The reason is inexplicably or not, the fact that there is little in the way of double-blind clinical trials dealing with the positive effects of LDN for the treatment of MS. What's the reason for that? I don't know… could it be big Pharma, could it be funding, maybe there's a black cloud hanging over the drug because of its main use in medicine today. Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist, and at the usual dosage of 50 to 100 mg, is used to help people stop abusing alcohol or narcotics (opioid drugs). It works by decreasing the cravings for these substances, primarily by blocking the opiate receptors. LDN refers to the use of naltrexone at a fraction of the usual dose (4.5 mg or less).
Low dose naltrexone more commonly referred to as LDN could be a huge, untapped solution for millions of people with multiple sclerosis (MS). However, some doctors are afraid that it could be, for lack of a better term, "snake oil." The problem is that no one has really done a big, double-blinded, placebo-controlled phase III type study using LDN, so we continue to lack the kind of "evidence" that physicians need to prescribe it and drug companies need to make it (currently it is only available from a compounding pharmacy, like Skip's  pharmacy in Florida).
Many believe, myself included, that because LDN is so inexpensive ($90 for three month supply) pharmaceutical companies and physicians are unlikely to invest the enormous amount of capital it takes to complete a double-blinded study involving LDN. After all, we all know someone's pocketing some big money regarding the use of the IV drugs that are presently being used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Chris Tatevosian is the author of the relationship saving MS self-help book Life Interrupted, It's Not All About Me ..... Get your copy on Amazon.

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CBM presents When Walls Talk by Christian Writer Paula Titus

FaithWriters runs writing contests for Christian Writers on a weekly and monthly basis. In our FaithWriters Monthly Blog Contest writers sharpen their skills while promoting a Christian based Ministry that is saving lives now and for eternity. FaithWriters promotes the growth of Christian Authors while spreading the gospel around the world. If you are a Christian writer, we would love to have you come and grow with us in a safe and caring Christian environment.

When Walls Talk by FaithWriter Member Paula Titus - My shadows sob. My colors cry. Dreary grey. Tawny yellow, runs - from urine spatter. My crevices house cockroaches. My cracks harbor rats. I hold no paintings or mirrors or clocks. Time doesn't run here, it melts. Dripping and fading from one moment into the next.

Random patches of blue, in places where paint remains. Look closer and you will see her fingernail scratches, over the mattress. She claws my paint. I cannot give her something to hold - when she digs. When she screams. All I offer is blue flakes beneath her fingernails.

Under the boarded window are long black streaks across and down, jagged edges of pealing plaster from the rocking cage. They locked Soriya therein, after the beating. She fought the metal bars, banging and pounding the door against me. Arching her back, she carried the weight of the cage from side to side smashing it here and there. When her tiny frame lost strength, she slept. The indentations marred her cheek. No tears came when she woke, just a hollow gaze into darkness. Soriya has survived many beatings, many days encaged - until she learned she mustn't resist the clients.

Do you see the spike? There, in the corner, nailed into my depths. Today they are coming again to chain Soriya there, to the spike. They will bring the thread and the needle. The stench of blood will linger for days, long after the stitches are once again broken. They say the clients want virgins, and so she will be. Again and again. They will make her be whatever they want.

Afterward, when Soriya's wails no longer echo, when the vibration of her mourning settles to whimpers, I will absorb it all. I will silence the sounds. When she is no longer able to stand, I will stand for her. I will hold her up when she's weak, when she leans, when she falls. She will beat against my surface, blow after blow, when the rage and disgust in herself rises up. She thinks no one sees, no one cares, no one hears. She doesn't know - this wall can talk. She doesn't know that you have heard.
If walls could talk, this story is one which could be told. Although Soriya is a fictional character, she speaks for victims of sex trafficking all over the world who need your help. Some things in this world are so horrific, so disturbing, they make us feel hopeless and helpless. What can we do?

In the nineteenth chapter of Luke, verse forty, Jesus says, "If these become silent, the stones will cry out." Jesus is talking to the hypocritical religious leaders who wanted Him to hush the voices of those celebrating Him. The whole creation could not be silenced in such a moment as realizing the long awaited Savior had come. But there was no need for stones to cry out, people praised Him. In likeness, mustn't these walls long to cry out in such a moment of human suffering? Together, people can silence the walls, because we will lament, and we will send help.

One hundred percent (100%) of your donation could go directly to girls like Soriya.
Wellspring International, which is an arm of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, will make sure your money is never used for peripherals. Wellspring thoroughly investigates, covers their own expenses, and often goes to the locations themselves. Administered by Ravi's daughter, Naomi Zacharias, Wellspring does the footwork so you don't have to. That's right; One Hundred Percent (100%) of your money goes directly to those in need. Please don't wait, you can make a difference.

Paula Titus Member #30900 Platinum

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A book that competently addresses the many issues, questions and concerns that one encounters once the diagnosis of cancer is given

Title: I left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours?
By: Rick Redner and Brenda Redner
ISBN# 978-1449779627
Review By: CBM Christian Book Reviews
Review Date: February 7, 2013
10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars

I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours? by Rick Redner and Brenda Redner, is written to shed light on the battle with prostate cancer, pre and post surgery.  As noted by the author and according to the American Cancer Society 241,740 men were to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2012. 

This is a staggering statistic and many suffer alone.  This book is specifically written to assist those diagnosed with prostate cancer and to assist them through this difficult journey.  It has once been said that, "Experience is the best teacher."  In that spirit, Rick and Brenda Redner, break their silence and give insight on how to cope with the emotional, relational, physical, sexual and spiritual aspects of dealing with prostate surgery.  Fighting the battle of cancer, surgery and recovery is not an easy road, one that is best fought with the help of many others. 

To say that this book is very informative is actually an understatement because this book has volumes of information.  With honesty and compassion, the authors' write of Rick's experience as he went in for a routine examine and a refill for a prescription, only to find out he had a mysterious lump on his prostate.  This is where his journey with prostate cancer began that forever changed his life. 

He shares his emotions, thoughts and actions in a sometimes humorous candor, but does so with wisdom for others in hopes that the chain of isolation that many men feel when they are given this diagnosis is broken to allow for informed decisions that will lead to the path of healing.  The  book competently addresses the many issues, questions and concerns that one encounters once the diagnosis of cancer is given. 

What is unique about this true encounter by the Redner's is that they give three different perspectives on the matter: the first is from their own experience with prostate cancer, the second perspective is their professional training and thirdly, their faith based biblical viewpoint is given. Each of these three perspectives gives the reader a vantage point from someone who has traversed through the journey first hand.  For anyone that has ever faced the possibility of surgery or is battling prostate cancer this is a highly recommended read that covers many questions one might have and provides one with information to make informed decisions.

To find our more about Rick Redner, Brenda Redner, and the book I left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours? visit Where Is Your Prostate. You may also get your copy of I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Where's Yours at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and also in Kindle Edition.

10.0 stars out of 10.0 stars

Find A Deeper Understanding of the Mysteries of God - Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God by June C. Uzzi-Daniel

Christian author and speaker, June C. Uzzi-Daniel, releases: Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God.  Are you tired of going around that same mountain?  Are you unsatisfied with your current situation or unhappy in your life?  Do you want to hear from God clearly for yourself and have the faith to move mountains?  Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God will help one to discover God's truth in regards to these life issues and one will:

  • Discover the truth about the Garden of Eden's location;
  • Understand the simple principles one can follow to enter and remain in God's narrow path;
  • Learn the benefits of dreaming;
  • Know why our parents have always warned us not to eat outside.
 From this wonderful book one will comprehend how all things can work together for your good … this new book reveals:

  • The secret to why Godly wisdom is better than rubies from Proverbs 3:13-15;
  • Will help one cultivate patience from God's promises;
  • Will direct you on how to find your God given role on Earth;
  • Havilah will guide you to the peace of God.
  • Reveals principles that can help us live right in God's eyes and overcome sin.
Author June C. Uzzi-Daniel comes from a place of being plucked from the fire to being an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, called and chosen to reveal the truth of the Word of God, so that others may walk in the love, power and the glorious light of the Lord.  The author desires that all would come into the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and into the revelatory truth of God's Word.  Captivating and challenging, this book will teach one the mysteries and truths to understanding God and teaches how to walk in the blessings of God.  A highly recommended, encouraging and enlightening read.

For more information about author June C. Uzzi-Daniel, his book Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God and to learn more about his life-changing ministry visit: www.havilahcog.com  You may also purchase your copy of Havilah Understanding the Mysteries of God on Amazon in paperback and also in Kindle Edition.

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This endearing story of young innocence will stick with you, as you ponder your own purpose in life.

Title: Four Eigen Life: From Mendocino to Know God
By: Moria MacMegan
Review Date: January 29, 2013
Review by: CBM Christian Book Marketing
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Four Eigen Life: From Mendocino to Know God by Moria MacMegan is a fiction tale of a young boy named Merk MacMegan and his journey through life to adulthood.  Raised in the small picturesque ocean lined town of Mendocino, Northern California in the 1940's, we learn of the beauty, his memories and innocence that is confronted by evil, yet there is also so much good to his adventures as a young boy.  Travel down this road as the young boy encounters his first love, a girl named Bobbie.  Captured and captivated by this young girl, young Merk's entire being is thrown off course as the rejection and betrayal by his best friend in high school lead the lad on a search to find and know God.  This endearing story of young innocence will stick with you, as you ponder your own purpose in life. 

The author seeks to identify the four unique, yet similar experiences we all as humans have here on Earth by engaging the reader with the four intersections of life that all experience: mind, body, soul and heart.  This novel will not only entertain, but it will also encourage and uplift the reader to seek their own adventure and path in discovering the God-given purpose that is revealed through the pages of this delightful read.    

In this journey, Merk MacMegan, as old man reflects on his story, relating to others as a scientist, physicist, and a cold war warrior who was involved in developing very advanced weapons to assist the United States in it's defense against the USSR during the Cold War years.  While the memory of the cold war has faded, during that time the threat of war with Russia was a very real and legitimate threat.  With the help of trained scientists like him, the U.S. was able to overcome and position itself as a superpower.  A legend in his own time, Merk, gazes on the adventure called "life." 

Readers will find this tale and journey of Merk MacMegan refreshing in that the use of scripture is woven together to complete the beautiful tapestry of a life well lived.  One can embrace the encounters, the character experiences and appreciate the transformation that takes place.  We are all the same in regard to the fact that no one escapes pain, but it's what and how one reacts to that pain that can make all the difference.  Encouraging and inspiring, this story is written to give an understanding to the reader of their God-given life that will speak to the purpose in each individual and why they were put here on Earth. 

Enticing and engaging, the author's writing style utilizes descriptive imagery that invites the reader to experience the landscape, climate and feel of the cozy small town called Mendocino City.  He gives insight into the terrain, the settlement and the people, enabling the reader to experience each page as if they were there.  This fiction novel is truly a delightful read, one that all identify with as each person has their own individual story of childhood, innocence lost and a path that led us to perhaps seek God. 

To find our more about the author and the book Four Eigen Life: From Mendocino to Know God visit Author Moria MacMegan.

Understanding the Kingdom of God through the teachings of Jesus

Title: The Kingdom According to Jesus
By: Gregory Johnson
ISBN# 9781467905992
Review By: CBM Christian Book Marketing
Review Date: February 5, 2013
10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

Multi-published Christian author and ordained minister Gregory Johnson writes to all believers in his new book The Kingdom According to Jesus.  "What does it mean to be a believer and be a citizen of the Kingdom of God?"  This question and many more are answered in this comprehensive book that gives an overview of what it means to live in the Kingdom of God according to Jesus. 

From his many years of experience as a minister in the church, in the streets, in jails and in impoverished nations, the author writes to new and mature believers alike.  Many will find encouragement, ignited faith and answers as to what makes up the Kingdom of God.  The author explores what it really means to seek God's Kingdom first as mentioned in Matthew 6:33 and gives practical application to readers for assimilation into their everyday lives. 

Jesus, as the author notes, is the embodiment of the Kingdom.  The book teaches that the Kingdom and the citizens of this Kingdom, us believers, have a mandate and a great commission to reach out to others in their needs, while explaining that the Kingdom of God is a Kingdom that shall have no end.  The Kingdom of God is one of justice and equality for all.  Come and discover your purpose as a citizen of this Kingdom that shall have no end.  This is a wonderfully, encouraging and highly recommended read that will inspire the reader to be a doer of the Word, not just a hearer of the Word.

If you have ever wondered what being a Christian is all about, then come and discover this book that reveals the truth according to Jesus and the Word of God.  You will find the journey to be life changing while providing you with the wisdom and understanding in Kingdom principles that will empower you to live a full life in the Kingdom of God.

For more information about the author, his book and his ministry visit Gregory A. Johnson. You may get your copy of The Kingdom According to Jesus at Amazon in paperback, in Kindle Edition or at Barnes and Noble at The Kingdom According to Jesus at Barnes and Noble.

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CBM Christian Book Marketing presents Multi-published Christian author Jennifer Peikert

Multi-published Christian author Jennifer Peikert author of  Daughters of God…Modesty Matters releases her latest book, Being a Proverbs 31 Woman…What Does That Mean? 

Are you finding yourself unfulfilled in life or in your marriage?  Do you want to find out what is the God given role you have in your marriage and within your life?  Then this book is for you!  Written to encourage and teach women of all ages what a Proverbs woman is and what that really means, the author takes a look at Proverbs 31:10-31, and speaks of the fulfilling role women have in relating to God, their husbands, their children and within society. 

In today's modern society women are taught independence and self-sufficiency, the author notes that this view is skewed and not biblical.  The author adamantly proclaims that a Proverbs woman is a helpmate to her husband, but also one that builds her house, rather than tearing it down.  Come and learn what a Proverbs woman really is and what it means to you.  You will be glad you did. 

Written with compassion and honesty, the author holds a firm biblical perspective that teaches women to be obedient to the Word of God while incorporating much scripture throughout the book that teaches and admonishes women to have the proper attitudes towards the Lord, their husbands and their children.  From this stance of obedience and honor, a woman is called to be many wonderful things that will bless her, her husband, her family and her life. 

Discover your destiny as a woman of God and as a Proverbs 31 woman… "…and they shall call her blessed."  This book is a much recommended and inspiring read for women that want to make their life and marriage all that it can be.  Many will find solace in the role they were created to fulfill and will find sweet contentment in positioning themselves under the God-given covering they were created to live in.  

Jennifer Peikert is also the author of Daughters of God…Modesty Matters.  This book will change your life in the way one relates to oneself and others in their environment.  Written to teach women that they are loved and cherished by God in that they are fashioned in the womb by His very own hands.  One will learn to acquire self-esteem and come to understand that modesty matters in attitude and dress.  This book will help women assimilate the proper biblical outlook on their life, how they feel about themselves and how they dress.  Readers will be inspired to understand their God-given roles as women and will delight in the love God has for them.   

For more information about the author, the book and her ministry visit Declaring The Truth Ministries. You may also get your copy of Being A Proverbs 31 Woman .... What Does That Mean? on Amazon in paperback or in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores including Barnes and Noble.

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