Praying From Your Royal Position - Spiritual Warfare, kingly, priestly and prophetic intercession

Wisdom Mupudzi, multi published, award-winning author and Head of Intercession within his church releases his 2nd book, Spiritual Warfare, Volume I. This invaluable book is written to uplift, encourage and teach the Body of Christ to partake in their royal roles as kings and priests. From a solid biblical foundation, the author gives powerful insights into the spiritual realm. Beginning with prayer and intercession, the author lists three levels (kingly, priestly and prophetic intercession) as some of the believer's most powerful arsenal. Continuing on to discuss the different watches and the importance of these watches, the author teaches about the "gates" to which the enemy has access to our soul. Following with the power of the spoken word, generational curses and spoken curses, believers are encouraged to understand the natural as well as the spiritual realm in order to walk in their destinies and find victory in Christ. Truly revealing and practical, this book will educate and encourage the Body of Christ to walk with purpose-as kings and priests. A highly educational, inspiring and encouraging must read for the Body of Christ.

By addressing all these issues in a practical manner, the author teaches how one can be influenced by the demonic and how one can be set free from demonic influence. This teaching is imperative as we live in a world filled with demonic media and influences through many different venues. These gates can be accessed without our knowledge and these demonic forces that are against us in the spiritual realm are the cause of much confusion and destruction in our world. The author displays that by acting in our role as kings and priests, how these three levels of prayer (kingly, priestly and prophetic intercession) can be accessed in our lives, thereby revealing the power that the Lord has given us through our royal position in the Lord. Many do no realize just how much influence and power the Lord has given believers when accessed by pure motives and a pure heart- the authority available is indispensable; this book will change your view of prayer and ignite your prayer life in a wonderful, refreshing way. The author has written a much-needed book that gives the Body of Christ powerful insight, wisdom and encouragement to fight the battles in the heavenlies that wage war upon our souls.

Author Wisdom Mupudzi is an award-winning multi published author, professional speaker, and is founder and President of Wisdom Unlimited International where he is an Executive Consultant.

His passion is to see others live a fulfilled life in Christ and help others discover destiny and purpose in the Lord. Since 2009 he has been a leader and Head of Intercession at Faith and Victory Church in his hometown Melbourne, Australia. He has a first book, Uncommon Destiny and Uncommon Partner, which can be purchases along with his latest book release, Spiritual Warfare: Volume I at Amazon, Barnes and Noble as well on his website Wisdom Unlimited International

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Who Is Jesus the Messiah and Who is the Prophet of Islam - Two Messiahs by Jeff Morton

Enlightening, entertaining and educational Two Messiahs by Jeff Morton addresses the controversial issue of Christianity and Islam head on. Join these two Messiahs from two world religions as they engage in a friendly conversation down the winding ancient path from Emmanus to Jerusalem. The reader will be intrigued to discover their identities according to each religion (Christianity and Islam), but more importantly the significant differences. One is Jesus, the other is Isa, the Prophet of Islam. One is the true Messiah, the Son of God and divine in nature, the other, a man and servant of his god.

Relevant for today, this unique book written by Biola University Professor and author, Jeff Morton reflects and reveals the truth about who Jesus the Messiah is. Two world religions cross paths as the author desires to minister to Muslims and Christians alike in this different and unique way. He tells a story, thereby teaching Christians about Islam and reveals to Muslims why Jesus of Nazareth is the true Son of God sent to bring salvation to the world. As the author states, most of the misunderstandings stemming from the differences between Christianity and Islam come from a lack of information.

Author Jeff Morton is a Professor of Intercultural Studies at Biola University and has been ministering to Muslims since 1984. He has ministered in many countries to include West Africa, the U.S. and many other nations. He and his wife Debbie now live in Southern California near one of the largest mosques and Muslim communities on the West Coast. His background is one of extensive research in apologetics, theology and he is particularly interested in presenting the Gospel to those of Islamic backgrounds. He is a member of SIM and i2 Ministries as well. He has trained many missionaries and university students abroad to include Brazil, Thailand, Pakistan and the U.S.

Two Messiahs by Author Jeff Morton is available at Amazon and other fine online bookstores.

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Christian Book Marketing Press Release - Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me by T.R. Lipscomb

A Christian Book Marketing Press Release
June 16, 2012

From the depths of a mother's heart comes forth, "Dearest Children - Why Have You Abandoned Me"

T.R. Lipscomb releases her first book, "Dearest Children-Why Have You Abandoned Me?" that shares her heart-wrenching tragedy of betrayal, loss and heartache. Come read her story and be encouraged that the Lord is still in on the Throne and has good plans for your life! Filled with scripture, the author courageously shares her mother's heart as she watched her marriage and the life that she once knew fall apart, bit-by-bit. Although tried in the "furnace of affliction", she emerges healed and whole wanting to encourage others that are going through their own trial to not lose heart and not to throw away their confidence in the Lord. She boldly proclaims God's Word over her circumstances and yours wanting others to know that the Lord can heal any circumstances, even the impossible ones.

Keeping in mind that the Father in Heaven is nothing but good and only has good intentions towards ALL of His children, the author displays trust and closeness in the Lord that can only be obtained through a fiery trial. If you have devastating circumstances in your life whether it be a loss of a loved one or the loss of children, consider this book, as it is will filled with scripture that encourage and uplift you to a new reality of faith in your Heavenly Father. One can also identify with the author in her circumstances and know that we are never alone in our afflictions, but there are others suffering the same as well.

Dearest Children Why Have You Abandoned Me? was selected Winner of the 2011 Indie Excellence Award in the category of Current Events: Political/Social Change.

T. R. Lipscomb is the co-founder of the Women's Support Ministry of Southern NJ, that offers support to women with a loved one who is incarcerated. The ministry serves under the Wings of Eagles Ministries, Inc. T. R. Lipscomb has been teaching at the community college level in the Delaware Valley region for over 20 years.

The author is available for television / radio interviews and would also consider speaking engagements. You may reach the author at

Be uplifted and encouraged by T.R. Lipscomp's new book release, "Dearest Children-Why Have You Abandoned Me?" Available at Amazon.

To The Glory of God, Five Great Books by Author Grace Dola Balogun - The Spirit Power-Vol. I & II, Prayer-The Source of Strength, The Cross and the Crucifixion and La Oracion: Fuente de Fortaleza para la Vida

 has published five titles such as: The Spirit Power-Vol. I & II, Prayer-The Source of Strength, The Cross and the Crucifixion and La Oracion: Fuente de Fortaleza para la Vida.

The Spirit Power-Vol. I & II - are empowering books that speaks to the reader and teaches them how to develop and demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit in their lives. Discussing that God the Father still pours His Spirit out on us just as in the days of Pentacost, the author unveils a powerful connection to God the Father and Jesus the Son through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Your life will never be the same again when the Spirit comes upon you in power. Be encouraged, refreshed and uplifted as you read these two life-changing books.

In Prayer-The Source of Strength, the author believes in the power of prayer and wants others to know that it's one of their greatest weapons. She encourages and teaches readers about prayer, praising Him and speaks of how to pray God's Word and incorporate prayer into their everyday life. This is a powerful book for those desiring a closer relationship with God, a much more intimate prayer life and walking in the victory that is available to us all through Christ.

The Cross and the Crucifixion is a powerful book explaining the impact of the Cross to all who desire salvation. Without the Cross, there would be no salvation and no gift of eternal life. The Cross is monumentally important in that through the suffering of our dear Lord Jesus Christ, he paid the full price for our redemption. This book will encourage, teach and help the reader to find a greater understanding of the Cross and a much more intimate relationship with the Lord. Truly, a blessing for all to read.

Author Grace Dola Balogun of Grace Religious Books is a Graduate from Fordham University Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. She holds an M.A. in Religion and Religious Education. She has been a private prayer mentor, free prayer advisor and a prayer partner for many Christians of all denominations for many years.

Grace is currently in the process of releasing another new book release, Three Solutions to World Peace, which takes a look at the various ancient religions of the world to include Islam and Christianity. Watch for its release, coming soon.

For more information about the author, her books and her ministry visit Grace at Grace Religious Books Publishing where you will be encouraged, uplifted and blessed.

Find Grace Books at Amazon, Barns & Noble, other retail stores across the country, other Interna'l countries around the world and online books stores.

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God on a Chalkboard, unveiling the loving character of God towards each one of us

God on a Chalkboard, by author and Celebrate Recovery leader, Joe Zagorski, is an encouraging 365-day daily devotional that can be used as a group or weekly Bible study and prayer journal. Journey into the Father's love for you, as this daily devotional reveals Biblical truths in a 10-minute "quiet time" with the Father on each page. Unveiling the loving character of God towards each one of us, each day's entry has a scripture, teaching, interactive study and prayer designed to give new believers and seekers a glimpse of their Heavenly Father and His unfathomable love.

This book is an absolutely amazing journey into the heart of the Father. The author wrote the book as he traveled through his own discovery of the Lord's character and nature while in recovery from addiction to drugs, alcohol, porn, self-doubt and racism. Let this book encourage, uplift and teach you about the Father's love for you, triumphantly declared from the pupil's seat.

Joe Zagorski is a Celebrate Recovery leader at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. He wrote the book to introduce his two grown sons to "the Father" that he encountered on his journey back to wholeness. His story is one of tragedy to triumphant victory in Christ. Watch and be encouraged, as he reveals God on a chalk board and shows just how much God really loves you, as a father loves his own children, but infinitely more. Come and find God on this incredible journey to the Father's Heart for you.

Joe Zagorski's life passion is to help others find God and become whole in Him. As one who lived most of his life apart from God, he knows the pit of despair one can find oneself in. He is an enthusiastic speaker, dedicated to sharing the love of the Lord to those in need. He is available for speaking engagements, conferences and seminars. You can find out more about author Joe Zagorski and his new release at "God on a Chalkboard" is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lifeway Bookstores, as well as on his website. The book is also available on request at any Lifeway Christian Bookstore and Logos Bookstore at Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX.

Contact Information

Joe Zagorski
6927 Clearhaven Dr.
Dallas, TX 75248
O: 214-750-6601
C: 214-232-5425

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When Your Best Just Doesn't Seem Good Enough - A short story by Ken Ebright, LUCY

Lucy walked into the house, her hand clenching her third grade report card. As always, her dad was lying on the couch, and she approached him nervously, stopping at a safe distance. Young as she was, experience had taught her what to expect. "Dad," her voice trembled. "Teacher said you had to sign this It's my report…"

Her father hefted himself to his feet, stumbling on a wine bottle as he walked towards her. "Well, let's see how you did." Lucy's hand shook as she gave him the card."You got two D-s… one for math and the other for reading! WHY?"

She started to cry. "I don't know, Dad. I tried really hard."

Her father undid his belt and pulling it free, grabbed his eight-- year-- old daughter. "If your mom was still alive she would be ashamed of you too."

Lucy started to cry, and as he started hitting her with the leather strap. Lucy cried even louder.

It would be one beating after another over the years that followed. Lucy's life divided between the misery at home and her friend Amy.As a twelve year old standing at the front of church with Amy beside her, Lucy was grateful her friend had invited her to church three years earlier. She had been surprised her dad let her go, and keep going. Now, in front of all the people in the church, Lucy had gone forward to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She did not understand this heavenly Father, but she knew that He loved her. Holding Amy's hand, she prayed to receive Jesus. For the first time in her life, Lucy was at peace.

After graduating from high school, Lucy and Amy left for college, moving into the same dorm. Months later, while watching the news, a story caught the girls' attention. "There has been a major accident on Interstate 35 tonight. A man in a Ford Focus allegedly drove his vehicle on the wrong side of the road, where it collided head on with a pickup truck. Police have reported that the driver of the Focus had a two point eight blood alcohol level. Both drivers were taken to the hospital, where they are reported to be in critical condition." As video of the drunk driver flashed across the screen, Amy turned shocked eyes toward her friend. "Lucy, that looks like your dad."
Lucy shook her head. "I'm sure it's not."

Amy leaned a little closer to the television and squinted her eyes to try and get a clearer view. "I think it is your dad."

Before Lucy could reply, the phone rang and she answered it. "Hello."

"Is this Lucy Littlefield?"

"This is Lucy."

"I'm Officer Moore from the Minnesota State Patrol."

"Okay," Lucy said, her eye's rolling. Knowing this call was about her dad.

"Is your father Colin Littlefield?"

"Yeah." She frowned.

"We want to make sure we have the right person. We found your number on a card in your dad's wallet. Your father was in a major car accident this evening. He was under the influence--."

Lucy cut in and said ........

To finish the above great story visit the author's website at Kens Walk The Christian Walk Lucy.

You can read other articles by Ken and catch up on the lastest at Walk The Walk where you will be blessed.

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High Marks for Author Dan Hurst's Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives

Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives
Title: By: Author Dan Hurst
ISBN # 978-0-578-09561-5
Book Review Date: June 12, 2012
Book Review by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives-Putting Life Back Together by author, teacher and speaker Dan Hurst is a welcome relief to anyone who has had their life turned upside down. Encouraging, inspiring and easy-to-read, this mini-book is written with candor and biblical wisdom by the author. Moving ahead in a positive manner is a must, but can only be done by dependence on God. The author practically sets forth eleven principles, extracted from God's Word, to lead the lost and hopeless back to a path of life. Life does not come without challenges, as the author notes, but there is a way to put your life back together again. And it all starts with taking little steps with God.

What is refreshing about this book is that it is not a formula that will magically make your life better, but rather practical and simple principles that are founded on the solid foundation of the Word of God-that will work! For we know that the Word of God is truth and the truth will set you free. The author thoughtfully takes a glimpse at some of life's devastating circumstances and writes with compassion to all, giving the reader hope, inspiration and a sound biblical road map to recovery. Whether you have experienced the death of a loved one, experienced the ravages of divorce or simply are paying the consequences for your own sin, the author shows how God can turn your test into a testimony.

This little book can lead to a life that is enjoyed, rather than a life that is miserable. Many are in need of a "living hope" that this book offers, for so many are suffering. If you need hope, encouragement and a new beginning-this book is for you.

Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives By Author Dan Hurst

You may also get your copy of Broken Dreams, Shattered Lives on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

A highly recommended read.
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
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The Power of Faith and Prayer - Mountains Are Moved by Prayer by Dolly Holliday

Dolly Holland is the author of 4 wonderful books such as, Jesus Cares, Mountains Are Moved by Prayer, What Is The Role of a Woman and Precious Memories. She is the wife of Pastor Robert P. Holland. Dolly and her husband have two lovely daughters and are the grandparents of three wonderful grandchildren

Here are a few book reviews taken from Dolly's blog where she shares her heart, her love for Jesus, her family, and her books.


Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matt. 25:40 KJV). This scripture could be used to sum up the desire Dolly Holland has to help others.

I have known Dolly since 1982 when she and her husband Bob came to a small community to pastor the church where I attended. They left the pastoral ministry for a while to work with troubled youth and later returned to a nearby community to plant a new church. During that time we kept in touch, and now she is my pastor's wife again. She truly is a sister in Christ and most of all a very good friend. I cherish her friendship.

Dolly has had her share of hurt, but it has given her a heart to see the needs of others without condemning them. As she helps others in their weakness, she grows stronger. Joy shines out of her face as she shares what God has been able to do through her. It brings alive the scripture—the joy of the Lord is our strength. To sum it all up, Dolly knows where that strength comes from, Jesus.

~ Lorraine Magaw


Prayer is a mighty tool for children of God who make good use of it. Though prayer, barriers are broken down and miracles take place. God changes circumstances as well as many other situations.

It is my privilege to write a few words about a woman who honestly believes that with prayer mountains are moved. God has healed her body many times because of her immovable faith in the power of prayer.

After reading this book on prayer, I believe that God will open for you what prayer can do, because with prayer mountains are moved.

~ Leah Wolf Holland

For more information about author Dolly Holland, her books and her ministry visit Author Dolly Holland

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Come Encounter the Joy of Jesus as taught by Brother James Joseph

Enlightening & Inspirational!
Experiencing Jesus' Joy
Summer Special: $5/paperback

Brother James invites all to join him in developing a more joyous and fulfilling relationship with Jesus. Having seen many Christians living in spiritual poverty, Brother James wrote this book for those who want more out of their spiritual journey.

Since its printing Dr. Joseph has taught spiritual truths from Experiencing Jesus' Joy in several small group settings with good results. From some realizing that they had not considered Satan's deceptions properly, to others who realized that they had not been walking with Christ as fully as they should, all enjoyed studying together in order to understand more fully the importance of our role in working with God to build His and our eternal Kingdom and eternal close-knit holy family.

With our eyes focused on Jesus and a heightened awareness of the spiritual battles surrounding us daily, we can more fully and joyfully carry out God's designated parts for each of us. As we challenge others to repent and commit to following Jesus, God will give each of us joy and inner peace that transcends everything of this world.

In order to make Experiencing Jesus' Joy more affordable for the summer for your personal devotions and small group studies, the price for paperbacks from our first printing, which includes some typos, has been reduced to $5 per copy plus shipping at:

To take advantage of this offer or find out more about Brother James, his ministry, and his books, visit the author's website In Jesus' Service. Experiencing Jesus' Joy, is also available through your local book stores and places on line such as Amazon in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle. You may also get paper and e-books at Barnes and Noble.

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A Fast-paced Christian Fiction Novel by Author Jim Armstrong - The Day the World Retreated

Title: The Day the World Retreated
By: Jim Armstrong
ISBN # 978-1-4675-1053-0
Review Date: May 31, 2012
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews
9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"The Day the World Retreated" by author Jim Armstrong is an inspiring and challenging fiction novel filled with raw reality, intrigue, and time travel that combines a powerful message that is as relevant today as in times past. As the author states, "This book is written for all those frustrated looking for hope in all the wrong places." This fast-paced fiction novel has a surprise ending and twists throughout, leaving the reader to ponder reality. The author has planted seed that describes the unmerited grace of God. Despite the futility of life, there is hope, because as the author writes, "Life is a gift …". And life is a gift that is not to be wasted.

Journey through the pages as the author takes the reader into time's past and the future in America. Filled with science fiction, time travel and a 2016 futuristic view, this novel is packed with descriptive imagery that takes the reader through the travels and lives of several interesting key characters. You will find yourself wanting to get back to the novel, wondering what is happening to each main character. This fiction novel is a page-turner, filled with intrigue and wonder as the author ingeniously weaves the lives of each person together into an intricate connection.

One will ponder the deeper meaning of life, their purpose and the world upon reading this fiction thriller novel. The book draws the reader into each reality of each character with the author's keen use of word plays and dialogue that sets the tone for each chapter. Each chapter unfolds as if the reader were there. If you enjoy fiction novels that keep you involved with characters that have science fiction, tech talk and time travel, you will enjoy this book.

The message within the pages is life changing. This book will leave you with the thought that happiness is not derived from external circumstances and is quite amazing in that it takes the attitudes of worldliness, exposing that the accumulation of wealth in our materialistic society cannot buy inner happiness; rather the author seems inclined to elaborate and peel away at the philosophy of the American life of "get more and do more" as a great lie that all of humanity has bought into, therefore, exposing the futility of life and living in selfishness that many in our modern day society participate in. This book is quite a wake-up call.

This thought provoking novel is highly recommended to those that wish to reach the secular community or for those that are not really walking with God, but desire something better. An amazing story that will leave an imprint on your soul and a longing for a better understanding of what that hope and faith is.

For more information about Author Jim Armstrong and the book visit The Day The World Retreated. You may also get your copy of the book at Jim Armstrong The Day The World Retreated at Amazon.

9.8 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: CBM Christian Book Reviews