Making The Most In Difficult Seasons

Since my wife was released from the hospital back in December of 2008, life has changed. She's in recovery from a virus that attacked her heart muscle and almost took her life. The end result was being diagnosed with heart failure as the damage to her heart left her heart only pumping at 20%. Since then the numbers have improved and by June of 2009 her heart was pumping at 33%. We will know more after her next doctors visit when further tests will be performed.
As the months have passed, as a family we have gone through many changes. The 1st three months after her illness were very difficult. By June of this year things had improved somewhat and she seems to be getting better and better all the time. Still with that said, life and the things we do have changed as my wife can tire very easily and have difficulties breathing.
Yet every Saturday night as a family we attend Saturday evening services and go out to eat. Then on Sunday we again attend services and afterwords go out to lunch. We look forward to our weekend, church and going out to eat. We've also learned to be thankful for our weekends.
It's not how much you do, where you go, or how exciting it is. It's the simplicity of spending time together as a family.
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