Learning From Our Children, While Teaching Them About Life

My daughter will be turning 5 years old this December. Oh how fast she has grown. It seems like just yesterday she was learning to walk and here we are already. She's such a blessing from God, so full of life, has way too much energy and just a barrel of fun to be around. Truly, I have been blessed beyond measure.

Over these last almost five years I have watched her grow and mature in ways that leave me in awe. She's bright, creative, and loves to explore. Of course we have those occasional moments as do all parents. However that's when I must be a father in all situations. That's when I must apply love in even greater measures. Simply through love to help her understand rights and wrongs and mature with character. Sometimes, in the end she teaches me things, like how to love life from a child like perspective. She has this thing that when I get too serious, she makes me laugh. Too funny!
It is good to learn from our children while teaching them about life.
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